Acacia Wood Coffee Table

Acacia Wood Coffee Table with Metal Combination

Minimalism concept becomes a trend recently and its effects can be seen on interior design as well. 

Bright open space, sleek furniture, and crisp ambiance are the aesthetics related to that concept that people fancy nowadays. 

That refers to a more specific interior style called modern and contemporary interior design.

Several Designs of Acacia Wood Coffee Table

Here are several designs that you can choose for your own acacia wood coffee table to make your room complete:

1. Acacia Wood Coffee Table with Metal Base

Having metal base for a rectangular coffee table can be a great choice for your room. 

You can paint the metal black and furnish the wood with dark brown. 

For the metal, you can make it simple as long as it is strong enough as the base of the table.

This kind of design is suitable for a home with vintage design.

2. Acacia Wood Coffee Table with Metal Legs and Bottom Shelf

Having a bottom shelf whether it is the same or different size from the main table will make sure to provide more rooms for you. 

You can put newspapers, books, or other stuff on the bottom shelf. While on the main table, you can use it for putting coffee or teapot. 

This kind of table is really nice to be put in a reading room or be put on the verandah.

3. Acacia Wood Coffee Table with Metal Finish

The metal finish can be put on the right and left side of table. You can make it curve to create more aesthetic look. 

Add bottom shelf with smaller size to give more space and your table is done. 

As you choose the black metal color, the dark brown furnished acacia wood is compatible with that.

There are many designs of acacia wood coffee table that you can choose to be put in your room. The combination is also unlimited. You can combine the acacia wood with metal, other wood, or other materials.