Black Wooden Bed Frame

Black Wooden Bed Frame with Resin Epoxy

There are many designs that people can choose from for their black wooden bed frame. 

Nowadays, the bed frame with resin epoxy becomes a hot item because it is aesthetic and beautiful. It gives different look than the common black wooden bed frame.

Where to Put the Resin and What Color?

There are many choices for you to put the resin epoxy on the black wooden bed frame. As it is resin, you can choose any color that you want from light to dark color.

1. Blue River Black Wooden Bed Frame

If you want to feel nature and want to feel at a stream of a river, you can put the resin on the bed frame. Make the shape of the resin look like a river flow. 

To make it look more real, color the resin with blue color before pouring it on the black wood.  With a great design, you will have a natural look for your bed frame.

2. River Headboard with LED

If you want to create a nice light for the room, try to have the river headboard for the black wooden bed frame with the addition of LED. For that, you need lighter color for the resin. 

Make it look like a river flow to create a natural design. After that, you can put 4 LED lights at the back corner of the headboard.

3. Full Resin for Half of the Headboard

Try to create a different look by using resin for half of the headboard. Make the design look like a boundary of sand and beach. 

Your headboard will look like a beach with a suitable choice of color. This will create a chill beautiful black wooden bed frame for your bedroom.

Have a blast of creativity and make your own black wooden bed frame with the addition of resin epoxy. You can create your own dream bed frame.