Composite Countertops

What Makes Composite Countertops a Great Choice

Composite is made of sand and granite, polyester resin, and color pigments. This material is currently the most commonly used countertop.

The composite countertop is the chameleon among countertops! A composite kitchen top lets you enjoy true-to-life designs, many colors, and lively structures in all kitchen styles.

It is extremely strong, available in countless different colors, and has a stylish, natural look. The composite kitchen countertop is perfect for every kitchen!

Not only for the new kitchen but also their existing kitchen during a quick kitchen renovation.

Difference Between Granite and Composite countertop

Composite and granite are both very popular as kitchen countertops. In addition, they are both natural materials and have many similarities in appearance and practical characteristics.

But what is the difference? Composite is a composite material of sand and granite, polyester resin, and color pigments.

You pay about the same amount for a composite top as for a granite countertop. However, composite is available in many more colors and designs.

It is an engineered stone that is less porous and harder than many natural stone types. The density prevents irregularities inside the plate. In addition, color, pattern, and structure continue evenly throughout your countertop!

Difference Between Composite and Ceramic

Like composites, ceramics are made from natural materials. A ceramic kitchen countertop is industrially manufactured at a high temperature.

Ceramic is harder and therefore more scratch and heat resistant.

The price of a ceramic countertop is also slightly higher than that of a composite countertop. Ceramic countertops, like composites, are available in many different colors and finishes.

Composite countertop with different looks

Because a composite worktop is available in different colors, different looks are also possible.


The marble look is completely contemporary. However, real marble is more expensive and less strong than composite.

A composite countertop in marble look is the perfect solution!


Are you completely in love with the sturdy concrete atmosphere, but do you find the maintenance of a concrete worktop a disadvantage?

Then a composite worktop with a concrete look can offer the solution. This way, you enjoy the advantages of composite and the appearance of concrete.

Buy composite countertops

The price for a composite worktop depends on several factors. For example, the cost of composite depends on the size, thickness, and finish.

The top can be supplied with different edge finishes and in different colors. In terms of price, a composite countertop is at the same price level as a granite countertop. These prices are, for example, higher than a plastic countertop.

Why do you choose a composite countertop? Based on qualities, I’ll show you what makes a composite kitchen countertop an excellent alternative to a natural stone kitchen worktop!

Inspiration for a composite worktop in an industrial kitchen

Do you want to combine a composite worktop with an industrial kitchen?

This is not the most chosen combination, but recommended! The sturdy appearance of composite fits well with an industrial kitchen.

For example, give your composite worktop an industrial design by choosing a thick top with a coarse edge finish.

The composite worktop can also be beautifully combined with wood and metal: the indispensable materials in an industrial kitchen.

Dress up the kitchen with stylish, industrial accessories and complete the space.

Advantages of composite kitchen worktop

Many designs:  since the material is composed of quartz, granite, and binding agent, many different designs are possible. With granite, you are stuck with the colors and designs that nature has to offer. In the case of composite, the colors are developed according to the wishes of the customer.

The composite is very strong: because the quartz and the granite pieces are compressed under high pressure. This makes it possible to have the material already solid at a thickness of 12 mm, while this is only the case with granite from 20 mm.

Hygienic: due to the homogeneous top layer. Since the top layer is a lot less porous than the top layer of granite, it is more difficult for food to remain in the porous parts.

This does not mean that the material is not porous: there are always tiny pits in the top layer. However, these are smaller than with natural stone kitchen worktops.

Wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and impact-resistant: because it is compressed and polished in several layers. Nothing will happen to the blade under normal use.

However, if you drop a pan on the top, it is, of course, possible that a piece of stone will jump off. So impact-resistant does not mean that it is as sturdy as steel.

A kitchen worktop made of the composite stone does not expand because the material ‘ doesn’t work ‘as a natural stone.

a composite kitchen countertop Disadvantages

Although composite stone has excellent properties, there are also some disadvantages when using this material. Below you will find these:

Stain sensitivity: spots may penetrate. Despite the polishing layers, the surface is still slightly porous.

You have to be careful with a composite countertop: the binder of the material can discolor due to the heat. In addition, thermal shock fractures can occur when the surface heats up too quickly.

All in all, we can say that if you are careful with colored liquids and always use a trivet under the pan, the composite can be used effortlessly in the kitchen.

Composite is a hard material

Composite looks just like natural stone but is 100% waterproof, and acids have less chance to absorb. This is, of course, ideal in the kitchen, and PITT cooking is also possible!

A composite worktop consists of 93% recycled stone dust) and 7% epoxy + pigments (varies by a few percent per manufacturer)

By compressing the mixture, the kitchen worktop becomes very strong and waterproof. Composite can also be easily customized.

Beautiful composite colors for your kitchen worktop

The wide choice of colors makes the composite kitchen worktop so popular! The composite countertop colors have the natural appearance of concrete, cement, terrazzo, and natural stone such as granite and marble.

Many light colors and dark brown tones to black are also in the range. Whatever color you want, this is almost always possible with a composite worktop.

Various top layer finishes are possible. The best known are composite polished (= high gloss) and composite honed (= matt). Other finishes with a matt, slightly sanded, or rough surface have different names per manufacturer: silt, anciento, and wave.

Composite kitchen styles

Everyone has their favorite kitchen style. Let your style come back in your composite countertop! You can take this kitchen atmosphere even further with a composite kitchen back wall or stain skirting board.

Which composite color suits a kitchen style?

Modern kitchen: solid composite, natural stone look composite, and terrazzo composite

Rural kitchen: honed composite, composite concrete look, composite natural stone look (granite), and thick kitchen top edge

Industrial kitchen: composite black, composite concrete look and composite natural stone look, and robust kitchen top edge

Designer kitchen: thin composite kitchen worktop, polished composite in solid colors or natural stone tone. A composite kitchen worktop in a marble look or granite steals the show in a stylish luxury kitchen!

You can recognize a luxury kitchen with the latest kitchen appliances and a unique kitchen design. A marble-look composite countertop gives your kitchen class.

Choose a high-gloss kitchen for the sleek design look. With a thin and polished composite worktop, your kitchen will get a minimalist look.

Composite Edge Finish

The kitchen worktop itself is about 1.2 or 2 cm thick. The composite edge finish can be up to 10 cm high, entirely according to your wishes. The edge also gets the same color and pattern as the leaf.

Scratch Resistant Composite Kitchen Top

Composite is, after a ceramic kitchen top, the most scratch-resistant material for a worktop!

It is more chip-resistant than a granite countertop. It is more impact-resistant than a granite countertop.

Heat Resistant Composite Worktop

A composite kitchen top is quite a heat resistant, but I wouldn’t put hot pans from the hob directly on the top. I advise you always to place a trivet under your hot pan.

Composite Cpountertop has a long life

A composite kitchen worktop is a robust and durable worktop with a very long lifespan!

This makes it a leaf for a sustainable kitchen. The stone dust is mixed with resin and pigments to not (yet) be reused with composite.

Composite countertop for good kitchen hygiene

It is hygienic working in the kitchen on a composite worktop. Composite is so solid and waterproof that it does not allow dirt and liquids to pass through easily.

Composite countertop with sink

In addition to your kitchen countertop, Your sink can be made in the same color as your composite countertop.

Easily clean your composite kitchen worktop

With a dishcloth and some washing-up water, you can easily wipe your composite countertop every day. Wipe with clean water and dry with kitchen paper or a clean kitchen towel.

Remove grease and juices immediately to avoid possible stains. You see dirt faster on honed composite. Taking more often may be necessary.

Cleaning & maintenance composite countertop – Easily remove dirt and greasy fingerprints from your kitchen counter with composite cleaner. Then wipe with clean water and dry cloth.

Composite Countertop Price

What you pay for a composite kitchen top depends, among other things, on how large your worktop will be, what color you choose, and how thick your top and the edge will be.

In comparison: a laminate countertop is cheaper, a wooden kitchen top more expensive. The costs for a composite worktop and a granite kitchen worktop are about the same.

However, with composite, you can choose from more colors, and the material is stronger and more waterproof than natural stone.

Composite countertop maintenance

Composite kitchen worktops have different maintenance requirements, and that depends on which type it is made from. Each type of composite countertop has similarities in maintenance.

Daily soaping is enough to keep your countertop beautiful. The use of natural stone cleaners is also recommended.

You also can read the difference between Quarts Composite and Marble Composite countertop.

Do not use a corrosive agent; if it has accidentally ended up on the worktop, rinse the countertop immediately with plenty of water.

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