Contemporary Living Room Furniture

4 Contemporary Living Room Furniture Ideas

One of the most popular style for living room decorating in a contemporary style. Contemporary living room style comes in many different types and furniture. 

But, most contemporary style living rooms prioritize wide open space with minimal furnishings, simple color scheme, and multifunction furniture.  

Here are several contemporary living room furniture ideas for you.

Most Popular Ideas for Contemporary Style Living Room

1. Branch Shelving with Desk

One of the main themes in a contemporary living room style is building a clutter-free space with a simple form of furniture. 

Branch shelving with desk offers its users several shelves to put books, decorations, potted plants, or all type of items they want. 

You can adjust the shelves to be taller or shorter depending on the things you put on them.

2. Bar Cabinet

Bring bar style to your living room by putting this bar cabinet furniture. This bar cabinet is very ideal to store beverages or other items you want. 

This cabinet is made from a porcelain bar top which is framed using solid wood. The wood shelves storage can be adjusted easily to fit with your bottle beverages size and other items you want.

3. Sofa with Upholstered Arms

Sofa with upholstered arms brings an industrial style into your living room. This furniture offers you cozy seating with slim track arms. 

A layer of foam on a mattress with a high resilient pocket spring even suitable to substitute a queen-sized bed. You can get restful sleep on this sofa.

4. Wooden Kidney – Shaped Desk

This unique shape desk can be used to write or work on it or place potted flowers. 

Wood slabs are used as the desk surface with rounded edges to create a cozy experience while resting arms on. 

The legs made from metal to make it sturdier. This furniture needs to be installed on the wall as there are only two legs.