Dark Wood Console Tables

Decorating Your Dark Wood Console Tables In Industrial Ways And How To Clean Them Up

We may mistake console tables as make-up tables when we look on the surfaces. 

Indeed, these two kinds of tables are look-a-likes, yet, they bear a single major difference: In their placements.

Make-up tables are usually placed in a bedroom or a bathroom, while console tables can be placed in a living room. 

Still discussing furniture in the living room, in this article, we’re going to discuss designing and decorating the console tables.

Like the coffee table counterpart that we have discussed in our previous article, console tables are great in dark wood colors. 

This is because dark wood console tables are easy to clean and maintain. 

Even if you’ve left your console tables for years without wiping the outside specks of dirt, the console tables still appear beautiful.

Talking about the ways they are usually decorated, console tables with dark wood colors are great for industrial-themed designs. 

In this case, console tables with dark-colored woods are great to be paired with solid colored metal decorations as additions to the small cupboards below them. 

Simple-yet-sturdy flower vases are also great to be placed on top of it. Everything is to accentuate the industrial feels from the console tables.

Console tables are usually placed nearer to the living rooms’ main entrances, but further from the sofas, coffee tables, and plants near the sofas. 

This applies to those with dark wood colors and regardless of the sizes. One large-sized mirror is usually placed precisely on top of the console tables.

Even though console tables with dark wood colors don’t need too much cleaning, you should use cleaners, such as resin epoxy, to make sure your console tables don’t invite unwanted insects and pests to your living rooms. 

By using cleaners regularly, you also save yourself and your household members from further viruses, infections, and diseases.