Distressed Furniture Design

Distressed Furniture Design with Vintage Style to Look Elegant

You often see wooden furniture has unique design. It looks old but you know the production is done an hour ago. You can call that one as distressed furniture design.

In general, this kind of style is not new idea. In fact, people have put several effort to make furniture have older appearance comparing the real age.

Most of distressed products are wooden due to simple and easy to customize even you can make your own at home. Other materials such as metal and plastics are eligible but you have risk regarding functionality and durability. 

The best wooden can withstand excessive painting even you may restore into original pattern. This is useful feature when you create distressed furniture due to a pattern is still natural.

You just add few things to customize. More explanation will be at the following section.

Distressed Furniture Design Meaning

Firstly, you need to know meaning of distressed furniture. If you read a dictionary, distressed is related to excessive pressure on mental condition. 

People feel stress due to heavy burden on their life such as job and anything. As result, you can see their visage is dull and less motivated.

On the contrary, distressed furniture is not something to worry about because there is no connection regarding mental health. It is purely design and concept to make elegant style for furniture.

In fact, you can apply into any stuffs such as clothes, jeans, jacket, vehicle, and house. As long as you implement properly, the result will show excellent level.

In simple term, it is design that creates older appearance on new furniture. The keyword is older appearance not on material. The idea comes from situation when people want to make vintage or old decoration but lack of relevant products in the market.

You may buy old furniture but the price is very expensive especially the most preserved one. In this case, the solution is how to make the new-build product looks older.

This kind of idea is different from someone who creates distressed furniture to increase the price. He does not provide complete specs and people still think a product is old.

That’s not the real intention when implementing this idea. It is solely for the decorative purposes.

Distressed Furniture Characteristic

The simple way to identify distressed furniture design is from obvious appearance. Check the following list to explore more.

• External paint is worn out

You have furniture with age more than ten years. First thing you notice is the surface is completely worn out. Even though it is located indoor, you still see certain area is no longer has complete paint.

This is the obvious sign you can see from old furniture. From this idea, you can tell whether the appearance is natural or fake.

• Dust pattern

To look as old as possible, the furniture can have dust pattern. It is not you do not clean properly. Regular dust will put several marks on surface. You can get this one when rubbing a surface with sand paper and add dust the polish.

• Paint stain

The most recognizable characteristic is paint attain. You repaint the new cover but add some stains deliberately. People might think you do not finish the job due to too much paint on that furniture.

The truth is you implement the distressed idea. The stain is difficult to identify if the person who handles this job is professional. He or she even claims the furniture is old naturally.

Color, texture, paint, and surface are the most obvious things to see from distressed furniture. However, you should check the style of creation.

It looks old not because the painting but the creator uses same style that becomes trend decades ago.

This idea is similar with fashion when designers use classic style but the product is new.

Aged Naturally or Artificial Distressed Paint

You should understand that the distressed design on furniture is no natural process. It is deliberately applied to make old looking.

It is useful for decoration theme such as rustic, vintage, and classic. As you can see, it is only for decorative purpose not part of scheme to deceive people.

People ask which one is better between aged naturally and artificial distressed paint. The answer depends on situation and style that you want to get.

Having aged furniture is the best thing as long as it still has its capability. Finding this one is not simple task. If there is such product, you allocate too much budget. If money is not problem, there is no issue anymore.

However, distressed furniture is not cheap thing to do. It is useful to accommodate capability and functionality. You can make any style that looks older with the practical implementation.

The example is in restaurant or hotel. Changing theme becomes quicker and more time efficient with artificial distressed paint. You do not spend much time just finding the right furniture. It is relevant and reliable solution.

How to Create Distressed Furniture

You have two choices to obtain this kind of design. At store, custom order is available for customer to purchase furniture with vintage vive. Product is new but the appearance is old.

The store provides specs and additional information including production year. Moreover, price is affordable when you but in bulk for projects.

If have furniture such as cabinet, you can make on your own. Tools and preparation are easy to get. You only pick sandpaper, new paint, and artificial sealing.

Firstly, you clean entire surface to get plain area. Keep in mind that your furniture is canvas that will receive new paint. You apply sand paper and create word out looking.

After that, you apply new paint and pick the rough texture. Avoid bright and normal color such as blue, green, and red. You should pick grey, brown, and even black. They will make vintage and rustic appearance.

You do not need to paint properly but make sure the style is something that comes naturally. You also put some stains and let them dry. The last task is you seal the new painting. Therefore, you get distressed furniture design.