Farmhouse Furniture

Farmhouse Furniture’s Simplicity is the Key to Decorate Your House

Lately, various styles of home design have been applied by a lof of people based on their taste, starts from minimalism, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and the most popular today is the farmhouse home design. 

Back then, the concept of a farmhouse home design has often been combined with animal barn. 

So that the farmhouse home design is very suitable to be built in rural and around agriculture area.

Having a house with a farmhouse design means that the furniture which is inside your house or the interior design must have the farmhouse vibe too. 

Just like the name suggests, farmhouse furniture is furniture that applies a calm, rustic atmosphere and natural elements to the room. 

The farmhouse home design is one of the unique way to design your house with a combination of form and material elements used.

The concept of decorating by using farmhouse furniture will provide an element of serenity and comfort. A farmhouse-style home decor presents a classic side to the room in the house. 

About combining it with another house design, you can also combine the farmhouse concept with modern decorations.

Usually, a house which is built with a farmhouse design will have a barn, which is a place where farmers put their plants or animals. 

However, this is not always applied in all countries because each country has its own farmhouse design style. 

As in America, fireplaces usually function as cooking utensils as well as heating tool. The builders are more likely to use a rectangular plan in building this kind of house. In addition, the majority of these building constructions will use the local materials.

The concept that gives a rustic impression is not only owned by the farmhouse home design. Maybe you’ve heard of a rustic style home design, this home design has a concept that is very similar to farmhouse home design. 

Both are present by accentuating the natural elements in their application process. However, of course there are differences which differentiate between these two home designs.

In rustic home designs, the use of furniture with natural elements is completely natural without any refinishing or cutting processes. All furniture is completely pure using rough wood. 

Meanwhile, in the use of farmhouse home design furniture, the natural furniture has undergone a refinement process or additional painting process. This process will produce a more modern and tidy and smooth style furniture.

Characteristic of Farmhouse Furniture

To find out more about farmhouse design and if you are planning on making a house with the farmhouse home design, of course you will also have to know the farmhouse furniture which will later fill your farmhouse-style house. 

Farmhouse furniture in general will give your home a natural impression. The following are some of the characteristics of farmhouse furniture.


The characteristic of farmhouse furniture which is the easiest to recognize is simple. The simplicity of these furniture can be seen from the shape of the furniture and the building itself. 

The shape looks uncomplicated yet does not look strange. In fact, it can be said that the use of this furniture can be categorized as a minimalist furniture concept. Farmhouse-style floors, walls, or roofs also have neutral colors like monochrome.

As a starter, furniture such as chairs which is made of wood can be placed on the terrace of your house. 

In addition, you can try to place large windows and the support poles with a simple design because having large windows is a characteristic of a farmhouse-style house design. 

The existence of these large windows will make it easier for you to see the outside views, maybe its your garden or yard. It will also make the natural impression feeling is more real.


The use of farmhouse furniture does not seem excessive, very precise and functional. Many people buy furniture because it looks beautiful and attractive to their eyes, even though the furniture is not that important in their house. This does not apply if you want to design a house in a farmhouse style.

One furniture will be used as much and optimally as possible as needed. In fact, not infrequently one piece of furniture will have several functions at once. 

This is very good for people who likes something simple. In this way, it will minimize the use of space in your home.

The less furniture you have, the more spacious your house will look. You will think more about function than appearance of the furniture. In essence, farmhouse furniture should look effortlessly simple.

The Main Material is Wood

Simple farmhouse furniture fits perfectly with the wood as the main material in the manufacturing process. 

Wood material is an important element in making farmhouse furniture. You can apply this wood material to the floors, ceilings, windows, dining tables, beds, and even ceiling fans.

If you want to apply it to your doors, you can also get a classic touch by using vintage style of door frame design and the big tall pieces of them. As with the use of wood in other decorations, the use of wood will give your home a warm and cozy impression.

Initially, wood was used as a raw material for building walls that were arranged horizontally. 

The wood used is real wood. But as the time goes by, a modern farmhouse design is created where the use of real wood is replaced by synthetic materials that had the same texture and color as real wood.

Synthetic materials are claimed to be more durable and resistant to weather than real wood materials, especially in tropical climates where the intensity of rain is high and exposure to the hot sun. Another factor is synthetic material has a fairly affordable price compared to real wood.

The Use of Stone materials

Beside the application of wood as the main materials of farmhouse furniture, the application of other natural materials is the use of stone as part of the farmhouse style house design. 

In addition to the use of wood as the main material for making farmhouse-style home furniture, natural stone is very suitable to be applied to the walls of your home. 

The types of natural stone that are most often used are palimanan, lemongrass, palm rock, marble or even andesite.

In the kitchen, you can use ceramic or natural stone in the form of bricks. The result is that your kitchen will look more classic and look like a real farmhouse. 

Strengthen the impression by choosing wooden furniture and kitchen utensils that are not only usable, but worthy of display.

Whatever comes from nature will provide a calm, cool and peaceful atmosphere as if you were in the open air. The use of stone will give your home a cool and mild impression. 

A cool and mild room with smooth air circulation will make your environment feel more comfortable for you when you are doing your activities and of course it will further improve the quality of your health.

Neutral colors

Color is an important element in choosing a design for something you want. This also applies in choosing the color of the typical farmhouse furniture design. The distinctive feature of farmhouse furniture is the use of unobtrusive neutral color.

Because farmhouse furniture is known for its simplicity, neutral, warm impression, this acts as a key to this one design style. 

Natural materials such as wood and natural stone are identical to these colors. It is not only real wood, but synthetic wood is also perfect for farmhouse furniture.

The combination of paint colors with natural material colors will create harmony on the building facade. 

Some of the color choices that you can use to get a farmhouse style impression are earth tone which is very popular nowadays. 

By applying these earth tone colors, sometimes this farmhouse-style home decor looks like a combination of several decoration concepts

These colors are usually applied to furniture such as sofas. You can choose the type of sofa which is made of soft textured fabrics with earth tone and warm colors. You can also apply brown color to flower pots in the room.

Designing your home and furniture in a farmhouse style means you already have a friendly and calm environment. 

The benefits that you can get by making a house in a farmhouse style is a sense of beauty and unique that you will feel while in you are in it doing your activities. 

Not only you, but if you have guests to come over to your house, they will feel the same way. They will feel amazed.

The neat and cool impression caused by the use of colors and materials from nature will give a comfortable and clean impression. Do not forget that this home design will also give a warmer atmosphere to the house. 

This warmth will be even more felt when we are at a family gathering. Thus, don’t hesitate to try to make your house as your palace with farmhouse home design.