Granite kitchen countertop

Granite kitchen Countertop: properties, pros, Cons & Maintenance

A  granite kitchen countertop is made from an age-old stone. Due to its special properties, Granite is often used in kitchens as a countertop or kitchen top.

Granite extraction takes place in quarries that can be found almost anywhere in the world. Each extraction area offers its own color and structure.

These color and structure differences are typical for all types of natural stone. Most of the granite types are relatively coarse in structure. The granite countertops are stylish and unique. With a granite countertop, you can create different styles and designs.

You should therefore consider that natural stone will show surface pits, especially with flooding light. This is not a sign of lower quality but a property of the natural product.

In all cases, Granite is an extremely hard type of stone that can be processed in various ways. A granite countertop gives your kitchen a beautiful luxurious look.

Because a granite top is very durable, you can enjoy it for many years. Do you want to buy a Granite countertop?

Read more below about the edge finish, benefits, points of attention, and tips to maintain Granite!

Granite Countertop Edge Finish

With granite countertops, in addition to the wide choice of colors and structures, you can also choose different edge finishes for the top.

This edge finish largely determines the appearance of your Countertop. The solid look finishes of Granite and composite are indispensable in the modern kitchen.

This gives your kitchen worktop a solid appearance. This finish is often used in a modern handle-less kitchen. With a solid look, kitchen worktops are finished with a beautiful facet at the top.

Benefits of granite countertops

Granite is rock hard thanks to a curing process of sometimes thousands of years and therefore scratch and cut resistant.

If you slip your knife once, this will not have immediate consequences. Be careful with a polished countertop, do not apply a lot of force; this can sometimes scratch.

Since Granite is an igneous rock, it can withstand heat quite well. Granite, therefore, has good heat-resistant properties.

A hot dish or pan can therefore be placed on the counter without any problem. Rapid and extreme temperature changes can be a problem.

With a very cold kitchen worktop on which a red-hot pan is suddenly placed, a thermal shock may occur. The Granite then heats up too quickly, which can cause it to crack. A coaster offers a simple solution here.

A granite countertop, just like composite, is also impact-resistant and wear-resistant. For example, if you drop a plate, cutlery, or glass on your tray, it will not break easily.

Only with harder kitchen products than Granite, such as a pan, a piece of stone may jump off.

Each leaf has a  unique design. A granite countertop is a  100% natural product and, therefore, always unique.

Every kitchen worktop looks different, and no two pieces can be compared. Yet, unlike composite, for example, no piece of stone will ever be the same.

Disadvantages of a granite countertop

A granite worktop has some limitations. Below are the disadvantages of using Granite for your countertops:

Granite is a slightly porous material that allows moisture to penetrate into the Countertop.

Colored liquids, such as red wine, can cause stains. Depending on the finish of the worktop (honed or leather touch), the worktop needs a little more attention, especially with the lighter types of stone.

Since Granite is more porous than composite, there is a chance that stains will penetrate the kitchen countertop.

However, if you opt for a polished top in a dark stone type, you will not have this problem. In that case, a mess is no problem at all.

The structure of Granite can be pretty coarse.

It is, therefore, possible that there are tiny irregularities and dots on the surface. These porous dots can be large or small depending on the granite color and finish.

If they are a bit larger, it is easier for liquids to soak into the material.

As you have read in the advantages, Granite is very heat resistant, unless the top is very cold.

If you leave a liter container of ice cream on the counter, the top will cool down very much. If you place a hot pan in the same place immediately afterward, there is a risk of a  thermal shock.

Because granite countertops are composed of magma, they are very slightly radioactive.

The magma particles cause radon gas to form. This radon gas poses a (minor) risk if you cannot properly ventilate the granite worktop in your kitchen. So always ensure good ventilation options in your kitchen.

Granite is sensitive to caustics.

So always be careful with corrosive agents with a granite countertop.

Examples of caustic agents are most bleaching agents, descaling agents, and unblocking agents.

This is often stated on the packaging of the material with an icon.

Maintenance Tips for Granite Countertops

By choosing a granite countertop, you naturally want to enjoy this elementary part of the workspace in your kitchen for a long time.

As long as you consider the possibilities of a granite worktop in the kitchen, you will experience many years of cooking and dining pleasure from these 100% natural worktops.

Below we give some tips for a long life for your granite kitchen worktop. After all, prevention is better than cure

  • Wipe your kitchen worktop daily with a damp cloth and dry it afterward.
  • Special agents are available for stubborn stains on a granite countertop.
  • A granite kitchen top is not waterproof, so you have to impregnate it regularly. Impregnating agent makes stone water-repellent, so that moisture cannot penetrate into the naturally porous Granite.

Kitchen worktops in other materials

In addition to ‘  granite kitchen countertop, you can choose from many other materials for your kitchen’s worktop.

Each material has its characteristics with its advantages and disadvantages. So also compare the granite countertop with tops in other materials. Then choose which type of worktop best suits your style, wishes, and budget.

Plastic Countertop: affordable and available in an infinite number of colors and designs

Composite Countertop: the alternative to natural stone with a luxurious look

solid wood Countertop: for a warm natural look in your kitchen

stainless steel Countertop: durable material that provides a timeless look

ceramics Countertop: heat resistant with a very luxurious modern look

concrete Countertop: provides an excellent and robust appearance to your kitchen.

tempered glass Countertop: impact and scratch-resistant, easy to maintain, and very hygienic

How much does a granite countertop cost?

The granite kitchen countertop prices differ per color, thickness, and size, among other things. For example, the price for Granite depends on the size but also the sheet thickness and the edge finish.

A granite countertop is about the same price as a composite countertop. This price is somewhat higher than, for example, a plastic countertop.

For a granite countertop price, you get a 100% natural product in return that you will enjoy for years, which means that the price-quality ratio is perfect.  Moreover, you can easily create a luxurious kitchen with a granite countertop.

Combine with colors and materials

Due to the color options and the unique character of natural stone, every granite countertop is different.

So you know for sure that you are adding a unique element to your kitchen. The color is determined by the composition of the minerals in the stone.

These minerals are predominantly black, white, or pink, but the granite sheet may appear more brown or silver in specific compositions.

A granite countertop can be made in different thicknesses, giving the kitchen a cool, classic, or modern look.

High gloss kitchen with granite countertop

We often see granite countertops in modern high-gloss kitchens. When a dark granite countertop is combined with a neutral color such as white, the top comes into its own.

The high-gloss finish also enhances the modern and luxurious appearance of the Granite. You can also opt for a light granite top. A granite Countertop in high-gloss white gives the room an elegant and open look.

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