How to Choose the Right Wooden Vanity Set

10 Tips How to Choose the Right Wooden Vanity Set

One of the most important pieces of furniture for girls and women is a vanity set. 

Having a vanity set will be a great help to arrange skincare, makeup products, jewelry as well as accessories in one safe place. 

Choosing a suitable vanity set can be very tricky sometimes. There are several things you must consider when shopping for a vanity.

Here are 10 tips on how to choose the right wooden vanity set for your home.

1. Knowing the Characteristics of Each Types of Woods

There are several types of woods being used as home furniture. Each of the woods has its own characteristic and advantages. 

Generally, there are three primary types of wood being used for home furniture such as hardwood, softwoods, and manufactured wood. 

Compare with softwood, hardwood is a lot denser and being the favorite wood used for home furniture including vanity sets.

Most of high – quality wooden furniture including vanity sets comes from the hardwood family. 

The common hardwoods used for furniture are hickory, maple, oak, teak, walnut, beech, and mahogany. 

Meanwhile, softwood is less dense compared to hardwood although both of them come purely from lumber.

Fur, pine, and spruce are several common types of softwoods used in the home furniture. Engineered wood or also known as manufactured wood consist of particleboard and plywood. 

Knowing the characteristics of each type of wood including its advantages and disadvantages is one of the major 10 tips on how to choose the right wooden vanity set.

2. Prepare Your Budget

Prepare your budget before shopping vanity set is very important since this furniture is just as expensive as the other home furniture. 

Especially when you choose high-quality hardwood as your home furniture.

3. Consider Your Budget

Don’t force yourself to buy things that you cannot afford at that time. It is better to know how much money you have that you want to spend on a vanity set. 

The price ranges are varied depending on the style of the vanity set and the size. Generally, simple styles only cost a lower price than super luxurious styles.

4. Space You Have

Some people might have limited space in their bedrooms. If this is your case, then you have to think carefully about the best wooden vanity set that suitable for your room space. 

There are several minimalism vanities set designs with full – length mirror closet as well as folding storage. You can easily move this wooden vanity set around your room as you want.

You can create a specific corner space in your room as a place to put a vanity set. Here, you can create a minimalist vanity corner and a place to put your collection. 

5. Consider the Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of designing a good vanity set. Makeup needs a sufficient amount of light to make the result of your makeup looks stunning and doesn’t messy. 

Therefore, you need to put particular light sources in the vanity set so you get the sufficient amount of light you need.

There are several ways to get a sufficient amount of light in the vanity set such as using table lamps or mirrors surrounded by light bulbs. 

You can choose the light bulbs with suitable voltage for your vanity set. Sometimes, people also use a pendant light and put it over the vanity set.

6. Choose the Right Vanity Style

Surely there are a lot of vanity styles you can adapt into your room. But, you cannot just choose vanity set style randomly and put it in your room. 

If you don’t choose the vanity set style rightfully, instead of making your room look more presentable, the furniture will create a mess or seem out of place in your room.

Despite the vanity style you choose to adopt in your room, whether it has modern, antique, simple, or marvelous style, it will look great in the right environment. 

For example, the traditional style of vanity set is not suitable for a minimalist house.

7. Choose High Quality of Material

The durability of the material is one of the most important tips from 10 tips on how to choose the right wooden vanity set. 

As we all know, since the price for the vanity set is not cheap, surely we want to make sure that the vanity set will last for a long time. 

The longevity of any furniture depends mostly on the quality of materials being used to create it.  

Therefore, make sure that the material being used for your wooden vanity set is not ordinary material. It is recommended to choose hardwood type since it has better durability.

8. Pick Appropriate Color

Despite color doesn’t affect the durability of your furniture, but color plays a major part as an extension of your room. 

Pick a random color for a wooden vanity set will only give a messy feeling to the room. 

Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the color from any of your furniture including the vanity set matches perfectly with the overall décor.

9. Focus on the Function

When choosing any furniture in the house, you must focus mostly on the function of the furniture. 

This includes considering the primary users of the vanity set. Will the vanity set be used mainly by you alone, with your kids, or a couple? 

Considering this factor will narrow down your option.

10. Determine the Size

The next tip on how to choose the right wooden vanity set is determining the right size that fits your collection. The size of the vanity set varied depends on each person’s needs. 

If you have a lot of jewelry that you need to store in a safe place, then you have to choose a vanity set that has protective or better, hidden customized storage to store some important things.

But, if you cannot find a suitable wooden vanity set that has customized storage space for very high valuable things, then you can use storage extensions. 

Choose storage extensions that can protect your valuable things especially from open exposure.