How To Clean Leatherette furniture

Leatherette is an artificial (imitation) version of pure leather, also called faux leather.

It was first made in the 1900s. The price of leatherette is lower than pure leather, but it has the same finish that looks leather-like.

Faux leather is also popular because it is relatively cheap and easy to maintain. Unlike pure leather, leatherette’s color does not change when exposed to sunlight.

Some people think leatherette is better than leather since leatherette is not made from animal skin.

Leatherette Sofa

Many want to buy furniture such as a sofa with colored cushions to decorate the living room. The sofa is a great choice to give a vibe of a modern living room.

The presence of it can be really elegant. However, the color can easily collect dirt and dust. That’s why you need to select a sofa with material that is easy to clean and treat.

The answer to that is buying a sofa with leatherette material.

The Advantages Of Leatherette Sofa

One of the perks of having a sofa made of leatherette is that you don’t need to spend so much time on maintenance.

This is because leatherette is quite hard to ruin. However, you’re not recommended to use products that can stain it beyond repair.

Is It Important To Clean Leatherette Sofa?

Regularly cleaning your leatherette sofa is not only a reason to make your living room looks beautiful, but it also protects the leatherette sofa itself.

This is because oily substances like our skins and certain foods can damage the material and weaken it gradually.

It will eventually deteriorate, and the sofa will peel off if you don’t give it proper maintenance.

How To Clean A Leatherette Sofa Using The Easiest Way

The easiest way to clean your leatherette is by using a soft rubber which is generally used to erase mistakes when using a pencil.

Yes, it works! By using a pencil eraser, you can clean your leatherette efficiently. Besides their low prices, you might already have some in your house.

You can clean couches and even walls with a pencil eraser!

You don’t need to use hard techniques to clean your leatherette sofas.

Simply use a pencil eraser to remove stains from your sofa as often as necessary until you are satisfied with the results.

Usually, it doesn’t take a long time to notice the results. Use this trick to clean up spots and stains on your sofa instantly.

If this trick doesn’t work, you may use the normal ways explained below.

How To Clean A Leatherette Sofa The Normal Ways

Use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and debris from your leatherette sofa.

If you come across a hard to clean stains, you can use a damp cloth to clean them.

After using a damp cloth to clean the stains, you need to ensure that you dry the sofa immediately to prevent halos from forming on your sofa.

Besides using cloths, you can also clean the stains with a handheld vacuum cleaner or standard vacuum cleaner using a special nozzle with added cloth in front to cushion the suction power.

If the sofa has hard-to-clean stains like food or liquid stains like coffee, you need to use neutral soap with cleansing milk and water.

If the stains persist, try to use a cloth and soak it in water mixed with Marseille soap and vinegar to remove them. Use it to clean the affected area only and after you are done, rinse and dry the water immediately.

Moreover, you can also use a sanitizing spray to clean leatherette, but don’t use it too often as it can ruin the fabric material inside.

The maintenance mentioned above makes it possible to achieve a leatherette sofa with a beautiful and long-lasting life span.

How to remove stains from fake leather

  • Use cool or warm water to wet microfiber cloth.
  • Don’t use hot water on fake leather because it can warp or even melt.
  • Squeeze the cloth until it is just damp and no longer wet.
  • Wipe the stain or lightly scrub it.
  • If the stain is stubborn, try adding a small amount of gentle stain remover to the damp cloth and then lightly scrubbing.
  • To get rid of tough stains, mix your detergent.

How To Clean Leatherette Nubuck Effect Sofas

The nubuck sofas look elegant, soft, and beautiful. However, besides their high prices, they are also very delicate and can easily stain and ruin.

Consider a scenario where you desire simple maintenance but are adamant about having a living area with attractive furniture.

In that case, By using a leatherette nubuck sofa, you don’t need to worry about ruining it since it is durable.

Nevertheless, it is still important to treat the sofa properly as the nubuck effect can’t protect against water. That’s why if some stains fall on the sofa, it will be quite difficult or even impossible to clean.

To clean the nubuck effect leatherette sofa, you need to use a dry cloth with microfibre material so it can clean the dust properly.

It is not advised to vacuum the nubuck leatherette sofa because it is more prone to damage and tends to spoil and crumble easily.

When you see patches on the sofa, you must remove them with neutral detergents. It is also important to dab the area to prevent the halo from expanding and penetrating deeper into the sofa.

If you can’t handle it alone, it is recommended to call a professional laundry service.

What are the essential supplies for cleaning faux leather

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Gentle stain remover
  • Natural detergent
  • Coconut oil
  • Baking soda

How To Protect Your Leatherette From Future Stains

Cleaning your leatherette sofa is the best way to protect it from damage. Proper maintenance is required to keep it in shape.

If you often drink or eat on the sofa, your leatherette sofa is more prone to be stained. So avoid eating and drinking on a sofa.

If your sofa has taken a lot of bad treatments, you may want to invest in a leather cleaner or leather conditioner.

It is also important to pay attention to the type of cleaners you will use since using the wrong cleaner can only damage the sofa instead of fixing it.

If you want to be safe, let the professional cleaner handle the cleaning, so you don’t need to worry about putting extra effort into cleaning it.

Final Thoughts

Leatherette is a great product that looks and feels like leather but doesn’t cost as much or requires as much care as leather.

Don’t forget to put a conditioner made for fake leather on your leatherette furniture to keep it moist. Put lotion on your leatherette furniture to keep it from getting cracked.

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