How to Remove Furniture Paint

How to Remove Furniture Paint Safely With the Best Result

You need the furniture at home but buying the new one is quite expensive because the budget is limited. In this situation, some old products and secondhand furniture are the best choices. 

On the other hand, specific decoration requires furniture to look old and vintage. 

You do not find such thing from the new products in the market. That’s why you decide to buy some old furniture.

The most common issue is paint that does not look in the right condition. Even though you want to appear old and natural, the surface requires treatment. 

You decide to do repainting with the new color and varnish. Before starting this project, the existing paint must be gone completely. 

You can use paint removers that contain chemicals to handle this task. You want the best result and the next list will show how to remove furniture paint properly.

• Checking the condition

The first step is you check the preliminary condition regarding the furniture. Inspect every side and spot so that you obtain the latest information. 

For your information, some furniture might have more than a single vanish and layer after the previous owners adding more paints. 

It sounds normal because this procedure is capable to protect the furniture significantly.

• Tools and material

You need some paint removals that contain chemical compounds. They are available in the store with various brands and quality levels. 

Pick the right one and you may ask the expert for this matter. As a solution, buying the most popular product seems to be the safest conduct.

This removal has a strong scene that affects your nose and respiratory. Moreover, the compound can make harsh skin when exposing directly. 

You need protective gear such as a glove, respirator, and safety glasses. 

Moreover, you should prepare some sandpapers for the last touch. The last tool is the scraper you will use to get rid of all paints completely.

• First scraping

Tools are ready and the next step is you start scraping. You may consider using a heat gun in this process. 

This part is also useful for cleaning to ensure all surfaces do not have any dirt, stain, and dust. You can scrap the first layer of paint with the usual scraper. 

Start from the most visible spots and move around to ensure the right one is done. 

You need to be careful when doing this step especially for the softwood to minimize damage. With a heat gun, you dissolve the paint at a high temperature.

After scraping, you must test the removal. Choose a small section from the surface and apply the removal directly. 

After that, you scrape slowly and see if you pick the right one. Try several products to find the best one.

• Applying paint removal and second scraping

The next step is you apply paint removal directly on the surface of the furniture. It looks like a thick paste that can absorb directly after wait a few minutes. 

This step is the most important thing regarding how to remove furniture paint. After waiting, you use a new scrapper to do the same job as the previous one. 

You did it gently and slowly to avoid unnecessary damage. Paint is dissolved into the removal due to both conduct chemical reactions. 

It is quite similar to the soap that you use to get rid of any dirt on the body. Scraping takes longer when the size of the furniture is bigger and you need more removals.

• The rest of paint

The next task is you repeat the process several times until all paints are completely gone. Some spots might use more removal because the layer is very thick. 

Another tip you can use is to try to do scraping without the chemical as long as the surface is already torn apart. In this step, you use sandpaper to scrape small parts and spots directly.

• Cleaning

The last step is you clean the furniture to ensure there is no residue. Cleaning must use fresh water and wait until dry completely before you start the new project. 

If you still see any paint, start again from the beginning unless you do not have an issue anymore.

Usually, you spray the removal or mix with water before applying directly. For people with sensitive skin and noses, you should consider the safe stripper with waxed paper. 

In general, the paper will cover the surface and absorb all paints directly. After few minutes, you remove slowly and add again on the other spots. 

The chemical compound is already inside the paper without any scent. 

The issue is you may buy more and the price is not cheap. This process is usually for furniture with high value.

Pros and Risks Remove Furniture Paint

Removing furniture paint has several benefits that people will get after the task is done. Firstly, you can see the real surface without any cover. 

For wood, the original pattern looks interesting and elegant after protected by the varnish. You finally see it directly and start to prepare the new paint. 

Another good thing is you extend the durability and save the furniture from unwanted paint. Due to chemical compounds, the varnish can react with the surface that brings harm slowly. 

If this situation continues, you may end up having broken furniture in a short time.

The risk when doing this task is you must be less sensitive with the paint removal. 

The compound is too strong even direct touch on the skin will bring harmful results. For some people, this situation may turn into a disaster that requires medical treatment. 

You wear a protective mask, glove, and glasses. Safety is the top priority even you are just scraping the paints from the furniture.

Another safety tip is you do this task outdoor with the proper air circulation. The strong scent will be dissolved immediately into an open-air. 

If this activity is out of option, you can use an indoor room with a spacious area and excellent ventilation. Inhaling the paint removal may cause headaches, coughs, and uncomfortable situations. You must go from such a place to get fresh air. 

Following the safety precaution will maintain your health and security until the paint-removing task is done. This is a necessary part when asking how to remove furniture paint.