How to Remove Termites in Wood Furniture

How to Remove Termites in Wood Furniture Only Using Home Essentials

Termites, one pest we have encountered a lot while possessing an item of wooden-made furniture.

As an insect who is making holes to dwell inside of woods and also producing things in either, it brings damage into the furniture even more easily, making it unlikely not durable and last but not least, looks shabby and ugly.

Though, there are plenty of methods of how to remove of termites in wood furniture.

Well not only removing the termites, but some of them reduce the cultivation of it too. Help on rectifying and thus, tending the furniture to make it more durable. Check this out!

How To Get Rid of Termites in Wood Furniture

We are going to talk about lots of techniques we can do to get rid of termites using natural fashion.

Not only because it is less expensive than using chemicals, but it is also more eco-friendly. Do not abandon the fact that this comes naturally, which likely obliterates the origin of termites.

1. Dry your furniture under the sun

You need to deaden the termites, but have no experience with chemicals or just bad at concocting natural ingredients? Then you can get your furniture outside the home and dry them under the sunlight for a few hours.

Wait until they become moisture-free. Not only is it free, easy, but it has also the job done!

2. Use your kitchen ingredients, such as bay leaves and basil leaves

Well okay, who knew these two kinds of leaves would help right? Well if you happen to own them at the moment, try to use them to get rid of those pests. Just put some of them around and inside your furniture.

Their strong redolence smell will eradicate the termites away. This is a super simple way of how to remove of termites in wood furniture and worth trying.

3. The salt shall help too

Another kitchen ingredient that can help you reduce the termites is salt. Just, sprinkle some of them in a place where they breed or dwell inside the furniture. Termites will eat salt and it causes bad dehydration. After a few days, it will deaden them.

4. Use rice soak water

Not a lot of people know that rice water can rinse and deaden termites. You just need to soak some rice in water for a few minutes. Soon as the water starts to be white-stained, pour it up into some spray bottle, and just spray around your furniture.

For a tougher way, put some borax powder into it too. You do not need to make the whole furniture watery. Moist is enough. Do it for a couple of times in routine, and termites shall leave from time to time.

Those are four natural methods of removing termites in wood furniture. Now keep in mind even though this method is pretty simple, free, and effective, this may take more time and be done gradually.

It is more of a way to do it if you notice the termites pretty immediately and they have not to breed too much.

But if you are pretty late in noticing the termites, they have grown up too much to bear with natural methods, hence you need tougher methods, it is okay. We got you.

Check this out to see other techniques of how to remove of termites in wood furniture.

Easy Ways to Remove Termites in Furniture Using Chemicals

Here are some of the much easier ways to get rid of termites if you are in a more compelling situation. Also keep in mind that the chemical things mentioned below here are pretty dangerous, hence you want to keep an eye on them.

1. Use an arsenic dust

This is somehow pretty extreme yet useful to get riddance of some termites. Sprinkle some arsenic dust around the furniture of the holes created by termites. At any time, some termites will eat them and it will kill them immediately.

Arsenic is also known as a cannibalistic nature which will cause the other termites that eat the other termites’ corpses with arsenic in its stomach, will likely die soon too.

2. Use a boric acid

This is a natural insecticide that is very dangerous. It will likely attack any nervous system if inhaled, so make sure you have masks and gloves on while spraying it to the furniture. Also, do not let your kids or pets being around them

3. Use a permethrin dust

Permethrin dust is a hazardous chemical that not only assassinates termites, but also ants, wasps, or any other insects inside your house.

Not only does it work effectively, but it also stays durable in your furniture for a longer time, thus you do not need to reapply the dust, again and again, to get rid of termites.

Effective and Simple Ways of Avoiding Termites from Your Home

Once the termites are gone, the last thing you need to do is avoid them coming back. Below are three ways you can do to reduce the odds of them reappearing.

1. Make sure that you have enough ventilation around the house

Termites love the moist and dark corner of the house and furniture. Sunlight is likely their number one woes.

Therefore, make sure you have enough of ventilation or windows around the house. It reduces the possibility of termites starting coming even from the very first place.

2. Get rid of puddles

Puddles are the place where they tend to breed before it becomes a new community of termites that will together invade your house and furniture.

Get rid of them by drying the puddle. You can also clean the sewer around your house to avoid any stagnant water.

3. Beware of the cracks on the wall

Search along your house wall to see if you find some cracks on it. Termites tend to use cracks as their track to get inside the house or to the furniture, especially the cracks that somehow stick behind them.

There would be a colony of termites making their house there. Close the cracks as soon as possible using some cement, to make them not be able to get through.

Those are the ways of how to remove termites in wood furniture, and how to avoid them from coming back again to your house.