how to stain wood furniture

Knowing about 10 tips on how to stain wood furniture

Are you looking for 10 tips on how to stain wood furniture? Have a plan to do a bit of makeover for your furniture? 

You do not need to worry because it is possible to do it on your own. Start with a simple thing such as coating your furniture with a new color. 

The following article shares you necessary information about how to stain your wood furniture.

Types of Stain Used

There are two options of stain available on the market. You can choose whether oil or water-based stain for your DIY project. Of course, each has its strength or weakness. 

If you use an oil-based stain, you will spend time drying your furniture. Yet, this type of stain is beneficial for larger projects. You can use it for paneling or flooring. 

Meanwhile, a water-based stain can dry faster than an oil-based. It is suitable for you who are in a rush to finish your work. Moreover, it has no odors or harsh fumes. 

Clean up Your Furniture

Before you start working, make sure your furniture is clean from dust or any unexpected dirt. Wipe your stain only to clean furniture to get a better result.

If you leave any dirt there, it will make your work carrying the defect. Of course, you do not want this defect to become a remembrance.

On 10 tips on how to stain wood furniture, suggest you wipe down your piece with a clean cloth. Use a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust. Then, wipe it again using a dry cloth. 

Apply The Prefered Tools

You may doubt which tool you apply for the stain. Two choices can fit your necessities, whether it is a brush or a rug. Choose which one you are preferred. 

Begin with a brush and apply to the grain or against it. You do not have to brush it neatly. Cover the whole part of your wood. 

If you want to get a lighter or deeper tone, you can use the rag. Then, rub the stain on your work. Through this, you will know that a rag is better for a gel stain.

Stir The Stain Properly

It is also an essential thing that you should not miss. You have to remember about mixing your stain before you use it. Always do this step before you begin working.

Remember not to shake the stain inside the can. You may cause it to have bubbles or even froths.

You have to stir it gently and thoroughly as part of 10 tips on how to stain wood furniture. Make sure you reach the bottom of the can to mix the color pigment well. This step can prevent any air added to the stain. 

Test your Stain

Testing your stain color is always a good idea. Through this way, you can get the exact color or shade that you desire most.

You can apply it to the hidden area of your furniture. Otherwise, you can pick unused wood that is almost identical to your work. Then, see how does the result. 

Commonly, the applied color will be slightly different from what is on the can. It will adjust to the type of wood you use. Keep test your work until you get your preferred color.

Wood Conditioner Function

Applying Wood Conditioner for your furniture is not always necessary. It depends on the type of wood you work. So, you may need it or not. 

Wood Conditioner enables your wood to absorb the stain evenly, especially for oil-based ones. A specific wood takes time to absorb evenly.

10 tips on how to stain wood furniture recommend softwood, including Pines to use it. Wood Conditioners will fill the wood pores and prevents them from blotchy staining. 

If you think it is necessary, you can coat the furniture thinly. Use a separate brush, and wait until it is dry. 

Way to Apply The Stain

You should also know how to wipe your stain on the wood. Remember that understanding this way is essential to get a better color pigment.

Apply your stain in the same direction as your wood grain. Continue by wiping all of them following the grain of the wood. Always do the same thing until the excess of the stain.

This way enables the wood to absorb it at ease, and it can dry faster too. Moreover, the stain will not remain on the top of the wood. If you think the color is not dark enough, you can repeat to do it. 

Top Coat The Stain

Both oil and water-based stains are gorgeous in color. It will expose more the aesthetic of wood. However, it can not protect the wood. 

In the shop, you will find only a few products that include topcoat and stain. Yet, most products do not have it. So, you need to add a top coat separately for this.

One of 10 tips on how to stain wood furniture suggests applying a top coat after stain your furniture. It helps to protect the furniture from spills, dirt, and oils.

Mix Stain Colors

It is also possible to mix your stain color. You can have the desired shade by doing this. Of course, you can create a new look on your furniture. 

If you want to do it by yourself, you can use the stain from the same brand. Do not forget to write down your mixing stain inclusion. Thus, you will remember it once you need to repeat it. 

Make sure you mix the same based stain. Mix water-based stain only with a water-based stain. So, you have a customized color for your furniture. 

Store The Stain Properly

After you have finished with your work, you have to store your stain inside its can. Keep it secure at room temperature. 

It is expensive to buy a new one. Thus, store it well inside the can and use it for your future project. Be sure to seal it properly.

Although your old stain may have a skin coat, it is still available for your wood. You can toss the skin coat as part of 10 tips on how to stain wood furniture and then start to wipe the wood.