Industrial Furniture Design

Insights on the Style of Industrial Furniture Design in Today’s Trends

Maybe most of you have never heard in terms of interior design with an industrial touch before.  In fact, industrial designs are on the rise these days.  

Before moving on, imagine yourself being in a warehouse with the ceilings layout barely unfinished, rustic wood floorings, and other raw layouts.  

Well, this type of design is popular and can be found in offices, apartment buildings, and even in modern home interior design. 

In general, an interior like this is admired by those who like to create a natural look and impression, such as displaying any room with an unfinished touch, like using materials with bricks, wooden furniture, natural stones, and many more.

Furthermore, the presence of metal on the walls and doors is also one of the key features of this typical design.  

In this discussion specifically, there are many ways you can do to get the touch of the industrial style and feel in your very own home.  One most prominent way is to choose the right style of furniture, or in other words, any industrial furniture design.

Industrial Furniture Design and its Meaning

The industrial furniture design is a furniture that is left as it is, or kept as its original.  

In other words, the furniture used in an industrial style tends to be “unfinished” and shows more of its original color and pattern (as mentioned earlier, it looks just like being in a warehouse, with a stunning and elegant touch, of course). 

For instance, wooden furniture is usually not painted, but only refined or treated to get rid of termites.  Some other industrial furniture materials such as iron, aluminum and stainless steel are also not painted, but are left showing their authentic shapes and rustic colors.

In general, industrial designs also use vintage-style furniture.  In fact, many actually use antiques as decorations.  

Others are inspired by items usually found in old factories.  If you want to arrange your house in an industrial style, consider choosing the right furniture, such as wooden or iron bar chairs (definitely stronger than a sofa), wooden chairs from used industrial goods, used wood hangers, and many other materials you can be creative with. 

History of Industrial Design and How it Began

As you already know, industrial interior design prioritizes the creation of shapes and configurations, as well as the compositions of lines and colors by accentuating its aesthetic appearance, particularly the use of the furniture.  

Even though it seems a little gloomy, the industrial style actually gives a distinctively modern, simple, yet aesthetic look to any room.  Actually, how did this particular design begin in the first place?

Next, let’s talk a little bit about the history of industrial interior style and also where it first began.  

Going back in time, in the 1920s-1950s to be precise, industrial design first emerged in Europe (Germany) because of the many abandoned old industrial buildings.  

In order for those buildings not to be neglected, adjustments have been made so that these buildings can be used as proper and comfortable residences. 

However, even though some adjustments were made, the original construction of the building was intentionally not removed.  

Over time, the application of industrial design styles was not only intended for factory-like buildings, but also influenced the designs of other types of properties. 

Now, this industrial design is widely applied in private homes, to commercial buildings such as coffee shops, restaurants, and elsewhere.  

For that reason, some famous architects and interior designers have been designing this unique design successfully, amongst them is Silvio Stefani with his “Loft Miracciolo” apartment in Milan and Lev Lugovskoy with his “Midlife Crisis Loft” apartment in Russia.

Characteristics of Industrial Style

If you already know more about the definition of industrial furniture design and its origin, then let’s get to know more about its characteristics.  Without further ado, these are the main characteristics of industrial style:

Minimizing the Process of Finishing

The most prominent characteristic of an industrial style is the arrangement of the room of a building that minimizes the finishing stages. 

For example, red brick walls, concrete, iron, and furniture tend to be left plain or unfinished with their original appearance without being colored again.

Unique Floor Elements

Mainly, industrial concept buildings or houses avoid using granite or ceramic floors because their appearance does not match the impression of an industrial style. Therefore, many industrial interior designs use parquet, acian, concrete, and cement floors.

Very Identical to Monochrome Colors

Apart from being left plain and exposed, the elements in industrial buildings will only be displayed in monochrome or earthy colors such as browns, greys, and dull greens.

Exposed Buildings

Another characteristic of industrial style is that the elements of the building are left exposed. In other words, many are left as they are with a touch of conceptual and unique look.

The Application of Upcycle and Recycle Materials

Upcycle and recycle materials, mostly features buildings or houses with a strong gloomy look.  Upcycle uses materials that are newly modified, and recycle is the process of recycling used materials for reuse.

Why Choose Industrial Style Design?

The following discussion, no less important, there are several reasons why industrial style design deserves to be an option to inspire your home projects later on:

A minimalist look

Adding industrial furniture design is perfect for that minimalist look.  Therefore, choosing the right furniture to show the aesthetic impression of an

A combination of interior materials

An industrial interior will not be monotonous or dull when a unique combination of wood and metal materials of the furniture, glossy and rough surfaces on the flooring, walls, and colors comes to play. For instance, chrome colored table legs are combined with rustic wood.

Any room will look more spacious

An open ceiling that shows the structure of the building is a prominent feature of the industrial design concept, that it will give more dimension to the room so that it looks more spacious.

Suitable for an open space concept

The concept of open space will make the atmosphere of a room feel more relaxed and less boring.

Not only dark colors, but can be combined with neutral and light colors

Bright colors (orange, red, or yellow) can be displayed through furniture and decorative ornaments so that they can give a fresh impression to the industrial interior concept.

How to Make an Industrial Style Look

If you want to follow the current interior trends, then have fun with industrial designs and be creative by adding industrial furniture design in the process that will definitely give your home a lot of looks.  

In addition, here’s how to create an industrial style look at your own convenience:

The right furniture

Choosing the right industrial furniture design for your project is definitely important.  Actually, it is very simple to choose the right furniture because only a combination of materials from wood and iron is enough to give an industrial impression.  

Especially, if you add it with elements of monochrome color or a little masculine look, your house will look modern and very industrial.

Recycle or Upcycle

As mentioned above, you can also use industrial furniture designs that are recycled or upcycled. 

By an arrangements like this, you can save costs on furniture and can also maximize the usefulness of the recycled furniture (tables, bookshelves, lamp cups, etc.)

Unfinished walls

Walls with an unfinished touch are another great way to present an industrial look. Unfinished walls are usually made of cement or concrete.  

Another way to get that unfinished look on the walls is by applying brick materials also using cement or commonly called “exposed bricks” that will add an industrial as well as an artistic look to any room.

Iron and wood elements

Usually these two elements can be found on windows, doors, ceiling materials, or on furniture.

Wood or concrete flooring

Depending on your preferences, polished wooden or concrete floors can highlight the industrial look and also a spacious room.

Where to Buy Industrial Furniture in Bali

As you now know, adding any form of industrial furniture design will intensify a room’s appearance from gloomy to bright and sunny, when you choose the right ones.  

Therefore, you should find a place to buy some industrial furniture that are affordable, diverse and of course good quality.  

Here, at Adinata Furniture, we assure you that one place you can shop for industrial furniture design is in Bali.

Why Balinese industrial furniture?  Balinese wood carvings are on the rise in the international furniture market, especially for their wood industrial carvings and designs.  

Therefore, industrial furniture in Bali can be very suitable for your industrial furniture design collection (unique statues of Hindu gods, wooden stools, carved dining table and wooden sofa, wooden bed, wall hangings and many more). 

When you happen to be in Bali, don’t forget to stop by the furniture shops, especially in the village of Mas, Ubud.  

The unique combination of the artistic diversity of its community and the obedience of the villagers to traditional and religious rules makes Mas village an important tourist destination in Bali.

Along the village road is filled with small and medium sized shops selling all types of handicrafts and furniture designs.  Mostly, they are made from wood, stone, aluminum to copper and leather, all have a sense of industrial furniture design. 

If you are interested in collecting those original Balinese industrial furniture designs (teak wood table tops, etc.), you can also get them through us at Adinata Furniture to get your free quote today.  

Plus, if you’re looking for a new vibe for your home project, the Balinese furniture design will make your home look elegant with an industrial touch. 

Best Place to Buy Table Tops in the US

Table tops are one of the key elements to complete and beautify the look of a kitchen.  Therefore, the materials should be strong and resistant to fluid, heat and scratch.  Some materials that are best for table tops include glass, stone, marble and even wood. 

Here, Adinata Furniture will be able to assist in ordering the best quality of table tops in the United States.  Wood table tops are the main focus since you will get an instant industrial look that is simple and yet fashionable.  

Hence, you can have your own pick of table tops manufactured, customized and also distributed from the US at a one stop shopping only at Adinata Furniture. 

What is Solid Wood Industrial Design

When you go buy your own pick of industrial furniture design, you might need to understand the true meaning of solid wood since they are good materials of industrial style.  

Solid wood is the type of wood that is processed directly from the tree of a certain wood and is quite popular because of its high durability. 

Some of the following solid woods are widely recognized for their quality and beautiful texture in various furniture products, especially a good use of industrial furniture design include teak, mahogany, oak, pine and bamboo wood.

Why is solid wood a good material for industrial design?  Besides being resistant to water and the quality of its durability, solid wood is the best choice for wood industrial furniture design because of its varied and measured qualities, making it easy to choose.  

Also, there are various kinds of natural colors to choose from that are owned by these types of solid wood makes it perfect for an industrial look.

Solid Wood Slabs with Resin Epoxy

Another good thing to know is the use of resin epoxy on solid wood slabs.  The use of resin epoxy on furniture such as table, bedside table, etc. for your industrial furniture design project has a number of advantages. 

For instance, this material does not change in volume when drying.  The surface of the solid wood slabs with resin epoxy is damage resistant, so it does not appear to crack and chip when used.  

Another important advantage of this material is its affordable cost. Therefore, these are important insights about today’s industrial furniture design.  Hopefully it inspires you!