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luxurious and exclusive kitchen Glass countertop: Properties, Pros, cons, and Maintenance

Tempered glass countertops give your kitchen a luxurious look, and glass is increasingly used in modern and designer kitchens.

With a glass countertop, you give your kitchen a contemporary, sleek and exclusive look. Kitchen glass countertops are made of thermally tempered glass.

This makes this Glass 5 to 6 times stronger and more heat resistant than regular glass. In addition, glass kitchen worktops are waterproof, so they require little maintenance.

Your kitchen is guaranteed to be unique with a glass countertop!

What is a tempered glass countertop?

A glass countertop is made of industrial tempered glass. This is glass that has been provided with extra components and has been pressed using a high-quality technique. This creates a kitchen worktop that is virtually indestructible.

You have to because you can’t afford fragile glass in the kitchen: that could lead to dangerous situations.

Tempered glass is also used in industrial applications and buildings, and armored cars. The quality can nevertheless differ per application.

The difference between regular tempered glass and a kitchen worktop made of tempered glass is the color: you can choose to have the underside of the worktop sprayed in any color you want so that you have a sizeable eye-catcher that also fits perfectly with your interior.

Benefits of glass countertops

Tempered Glass has many beneficial properties. We have listed these advantages of a glass countertop for you below:

Many colors: The underside of the countertop can be sprayed in almost any color you want. For the top of the top, you can choose from glossy or matt etched glass.

Very strong: a glass countertop is made of thermally tempered glass. After it has been heated to approximately 650°C, this glass is cooled by forced cold air. This makes it many times stronger than regular glass.

Durable: Glass countertops can last for many years and are therefore very durable. 20 years is certainly no exception.

Moisture resistance: A glass countertop is waterproof. That is why it is no problem at all if water remains on the worktop. Any limescale that may develop over time can be easily removed with natural vinegar.

Hygienic: a glass countertop is very hygienic. Because glass is not porous, dirt cannot penetrate the blade. The dirt on the worktop can therefore be easily removed with a wet cloth.

Maintenance-free: Glass is maintenance-free and therefore requires no periodic maintenance. Daily wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient to maintain the leaf.

Also, rear walls: All leaf colors are also available as rear walls. The kitchen worktop and the back wall thus form one whole.

In conclusion, we can say that a glass countertop is suitable for use in the modern kitchen due to these advantageous properties.

If you opt for glass, you are assured of an exclusive appearance. The chance that your family, friends, or colleagues also have a glass countertop is minimal.

Disadvantages glass countertop

Although thermally toughened glass has excellent properties, there are some disadvantages associated with using this material. Below you will find these:

A glass countertop is not 100% heat resistant. If the glass comes into contact with too much heat, a thermal shock can occur. This can permanently damage the glass. Therefore, do not place hot pans on the countertop, but use coasters for this.

Over time, color differences can occur due to UV radiation from the sun.

Although tempered glass is 5 to 6 times stronger than regular glass, a glass countertop is not indestructible.

To avoid scratches, avoid direct contact between metal and the glass top.

The solution is to use a cutting board and coasters. If you opt for textured glass, scratches will be less noticeable.

The price of a glass worktop is relatively high.

Thermally tempered glass is one of the most luxurious materials for a kitchen countertop. Because the production process of a glass top is pervasive, the square meter price is costly.

On a glass countertop, stains and fingerprints are visible, just like with a high-gloss kitchen.

However, these are very easy to remove with a sponge in combination with soapy water.

All in all, we can say that if you are careful with bumping heavy sharp objects, tempered glass in the kitchen can be used effortlessly.

Different types, colors, and glass thicknesses with glass kitchen worktops

When you first think of glass in a kitchen worktop, you probably think of transparent window, frosted, or extra glossy glass. However, this is not all! There are many types of glass countertops available out there. Which style does a glass countertop suit your kitchen?

Modern and designer kitchens

A glass kitchen top provides a real eye-catcher in the luxury kitchen. It’s good to know that a glass countertop fits almost every style. Glass countertops look particularly good in modern and designer kitchens.

Choose a white or black color if you like a very sleek look. Do you want to create a unique look? Then choose a brighter color, such as green, red, or blue glass kitchen worktop.

Emphasize the luxurious appearance by illuminating the glass worktop well with atmospheric kitchen lighting. Read more about functional and atmospheric kitchen lighting in this blog and be inspired.

Industrial kitchens

A glass countertop also fits nicely in an industrial kitchen. The use of natural materials characterizes the industrial kitchen.

Glass is also raw material and therefore contributes to the natural character of the industrial kitchen.

Glass countertop cost indication

Although a glass kitchen top has a very exclusive look, it also comes with a price tag. Glass countertops are pricey compared to other materials.

To give you an indication, the price per linear meter is currently around $350.

So keep in mind that this indicates that the price also depends on many other factors, such as the top’s shape, thickness, and edge finish.

But the choice for a particular sink, tap, and hob also entails costs. The final price can, therefore, quickly rise to over $750 per linear meter.

Maintenance tips for a glass kitchen countertop

A glass kitchen worktop is easy to maintain. Your countertop can be wiped daily with a wet cloth. Fingerprints on your countertop can also be removed quickly and effectively with a damp cloth, just like when cleaning windows.

When cleaning, avoid aggressive cleaning agents or acids. Lime spots can be treated with natural vinegar. Never use a scouring pad or abrasive cleaner for this.

A worktop made of glass is very hygienic because dirt and bacteria do not have a chance to penetrate the worktop. Also, keep the leaf out of the sun as much as possible.

Need help choosing or maintaining your glass kitchen worktop?

Do you opt for a stylish, heat-resistant glass countertop in your kitchen? Then you will enjoy it for years to come.

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