Kitchen Island: Types, Pros, and Cons

Kitchen Island: Make your Kitchen a Cozy Meeting Place

A kitchen island makes the kitchen the central point of the home. Everything is cozy around a kitchen island, whether for cutting an outing or a relaxing drink.

This kitchen arrangement also gives a very exclusive touch, and thanks to the open layout, a kitchen island also looks very spacious.

Are you looking for more kitchen island inspiration? This will certainly bring you one step closer to your dream kitchen island!

Different types of Kitchen Islands: Kitchen Island, Work Island, Spool Island, or Peninsula?

We usually speak of an island kitchen or a kitchen island.

With kitchen island, each type island in the kitchen meant. This can be an empty kitchen island and an island with, for example, a hob or sink. And a peninsula? It has one side against the wall.

Still, there is quite a bit of ‘professional jargon’ to be found online. To avoid confusion and know what you are looking for, we have prepared the following overview.

Kitchen island with hob

a kitchen island breaks away the rest of the kitchen and frequently includes a hob. As a result, the dishes are prepared on the kitchen island.

In some cases, the kitchen island with hob is also equipped with a sink. This means you have everything directly at hand.

coil island

With a sink island, the island is equipped with a sink. This option also often has a good work surface to wash and cut ingredients.

work island

A work island is an ’empty’ island, a row of kitchen cabinets with a countertop on top.

A work island is intended to prepare your dishes. This island offers extra space for cutting ingredients and preparing your meals.

This island often features a bar at the rear. As a result, this island can also serve as a place to have breakfast or catch up with the family.

Kitchen island with table

Do you also want to use the kitchen island for eating? That is also a possibility.

For example, you can place high bar stools at the rear of the kitchen island. This allows you to both cook and eats on this island.

Cooking island with extractor hood

Are you going for a cooking island with an extractor hood or an integrated extractor?

A popular and new innovation is the cooking island with BORA extraction system. In this case, the extraction is incorporated into the cooking island.

Vapors and odors are absorbed directly from the hob, eliminating the need for a large extractor above the island. This provides a modern look to your home.

Country kitchen with cooking island

Do you like a rural interior style? Then choose a country kitchen with a cooking island.

This island is often equipped with natural materials and colors, such as granite or composite countertop and wooden cabinets.

Modern kitchens with cooking island

Is the modern style for you? Then go for sleek, high-gloss kitchen cabinets and a stylishly finished worktop. A cooking island with integrated extraction also fits perfectly with this style.

Kitchen island Design and Layout

An island kitchen gives a lot of atmospheres. However, a kitchen must also be functional! That is why it is essential to think carefully about the design and layout of your island kitchen.

Where does the hob go, and where is the sink? What do we do with the equipment?

If you want to place the hob on the island, there will also be an extraction system. This can be done, for example, in the form of an island extractor hood, a ceiling extractor hood, or by taking a hob with an extractor.

A sink needs pipes. Therefore, a flushing island needs the right connections; otherwise, the water can’t go anywhere, and nothing comes out of the tap. It is also helpful to place the sink near the dishwasher.

If you want both elements on the island, there will have to be a water connection and an option for the extraction system.

An experienced kitchen consultant can best help you with this. Every situation, home, and kitchen is different, and the right design requires the right expertise.

The Work Triangle

During cooking, the hob, refrigerator, and sink are the most used. Therefore, it is useful when these three elements are reasonably close to each other for efficient and easy cooking.

There must also be enough empty countertops within this triangle to work on. Ensuring this work triangle is adequately put together is the basic to an efficient and functional kitchen.

Kitchen Island with Bar

If friendliness and a central meeting place are the ideas, the island can also be expanded with a bar and matching bar stools, making it simple for visitors to take a seat for consumption while awaiting a tasty dish.

The possibilities are endless!

Placement of a Kitchen Island

It must, of course, be possible to place a kitchen island.

This kitchen layout is trendy, but unfortunately, not all rooms are suitable for this kitchen form.

For example, there must be enough walking space left.

Can a Kitchen Island fit into a Small Kitchen?

Yes, an island kitchen can also be suitable for smaller spaces. It is often advisable to take a peninsula.

This way, you still have the look and feel of an island kitchen, but with just a little more walking space.

Kitchen Island worktop

An essential aspect of the island is the kitchen worktop. There is a kitchen worktop for every desired look.

Stainless steel for a professional atmosphere, composite or granite gives a luxurious appearance; with wood, you create a rural feeling, and concrete provides a modern look.

You can have a recessed stove or sink placed in the kitchen worktop and, if desired, a grill plate.

Advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen island

The most significant advantage of a kitchen island is that it offers a lot of atmosphere. The kitchen island often creates an open kitchen. When one is cooking, the other joins in for a good conversation.

With a kitchen island, you often have a good overview of the living room to have a conversation with visitors in the living room.

With a kitchen island, you also enjoy extra storage options. You can fill the space under the island with kitchen cabinets. As a result, you suddenly have seas of storage space!

A disadvantage of a kitchen island is that it is not suitable for every home.

A kitchen with a cooking island takes up a lot of space. It would be best to consider the pipes towards the island, which is not possible with every home.

What makes a kitchen island different from a peninsula?

A kitchen unit that is entirely separate in the kitchen is almost always called a cooking island. This should be the generic word “kitchen island” because:

  • Kitchen island – cooking is done on a kitchen island.
  • Sink island – a Sink island has a sink and faucet.
  • Work island – a work island consists of one kitchen worktop to work on.
  • Peninsula – a peninsula has one side against the wall.

Do you have enough space for a kitchen island?

Yes, that is an important question, because a kitchen island or all kitchen islands come into their own best if there is enough walking space around the island.

Not only do you need space to move, but also to open cabinet doors and drawers on a kitchen island and cabinet wall that face each other. 90cm of free space is recommended around the island.

The most used cooking island is 100cm deep. Aim for a minimum of 90cm to prevent burns from relatives and friends who ‘hang’ opposite the hob.

Is the kitchen area with a cooking island big enough for an extra table with seating? Maybe a tiny dining table still fits, or a kitchen island with a bar is the solution?

A cooking island can be used in a kitchen layout in various beautiful ways. In addition to the similar kitchen layout, a cooking island is the radiant center of an L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen.

If you don’t have sufficient area, you can always break out a wall to increase the kitchen space. If that is not possible or you do not feel like it, then a peninsula kitchen is highly recommended!

The cost of a kitchen island

The average price of a kitchen island naturally depends on the size of the kitchen and the choice of equipment.

When a cooking island is connected to the rest of the kitchen, it will be cheaper than a separate cooking island.

With a separate kitchen island, the price will quickly rise to at least $7000. With a fixed kitchen island, the price may be slightly lower.

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