Knock Down Furniture

Knock Down Dining Table: Should I Purchase Ready to Assemble Table?

You might be looking for new table for the dining room and someone in your friend circle suggests a knock down dining table. The term “knock down” is perhaps unfamiliar to some people.

It refers to a style of furniture. Everything about it will be discussed further into the passage.

What is Knock Down Furniture Style

Knock down furniture is also frequently dubbed as kit furniture. This style of furniture is not sold as one cohesive item. Instead, the package will contain separate parts that buyer needs to assemble before being able to utilize it. 

In addition to parts, the package will also come with instructions of assembly as well as hardware. Normally, you are not required to use advanced tool to do this job. 

Building knock down furniture is usually done using basic tools like screwdriver. Sometimes the tool is even included in the package.

There are many types of furniture marketed in such style. You can easily find knock down dining table, chair, and cupboard in the market. 

The assembly is designed so that people with minimum skills in woodworking can do it easily. Still, there are some reasons which may cause people to choose not to buy this furniture style and those that motivate them to do it.

Where to Buy in Bali

Bali’s woodwork industry is definitely among the most notorious ones globally. The region has rich woodworking culture, natural resources, and plenty of experts who have dabbled with such craftsmanship for years. 

The woodwork products are known to be high quality and very durable. If you are looking to purchase knock down dining table or other similar style furniture, you should definitely look at what this region can offer.

Adinata Furniture is one of the places that offer ready to assemble furniture in Bali. Sometimes, when purchasing such furniture, you have to deal with flimsy materials. 

This is not the case with this furniture company. The materials are resourced from good places so you can expect sturdy and long lasting investment by buying it. 

Buyer can find more varied designs if compared to other places. The bigger selections are really appreciated because buyer is likely to find design that suits them and their space.

Where to Buy in US

How about those who are living in United States? Where can you purchase furniture of such style? It is in fact easy to find kit furniture in the US. There are furniture shops which specifically sell furniture that you need to assemble on your own. 

They are located in various cities across the country and thus you have a high chance to encounter at least one shop nearby your area.

Since the remote shopping industry in US is also developed, some shops also market their products online through own or e-commerce websites. 

This is really convenient for people who live in rural area or simply does not have time to walk around the store trying to find right furniture. 

The shipping process can be quiet challenging because any of the parts should not retain damage even just slightly. Due to this, you need to read the explanation of shipping process in the product that you are going to buy.

Knock Down Dining Table for Coffee Shop

If you are a coffee shop owner that is looking for furniture to fill your place, knock down dining table might be a smart option. Currently, there are many table designs which are produced in such style. 

You can find design that is aligned with your overall coffee shop vibe with a little research. What should one look in a dining table used in coffee shop?

First, you should consider the space available in the shop and the number of tables that should be provided according to that space. Ideally, the table in coffee shop should not be too big because you want people to move around freely without bumping into hardwood furniture. 

Smaller table also enables one to fit more into a space. The table needs to be sturdy as well because it will be used by many people. Coffee shop table has to deal with rubbing, food and drink spillage, and heavy weights.

Knock Down Dining Table for Home Office

Table for dining these days is also often placed inside a home office. One main reason to do this is the fact that dining table has vast space. The designs are also often more interesting if compared to work desk. 

You certainly can purchase the ready to assemble style dining table instead of the readily assembled one for your office at home. It is easier to make adjustment that way.

Strength is the ultimate requirement for work desk. You will likely place items like computer, documents, and other heavy things on top of this desk. It is better to invest on sturdier material rather than buying product that can break easily. 

Although you may want to have open space on the table surface, it might be useful to purchase dining table with drawers underneath. Such features can help you organizing table a lot easier.

Pros and Cons Knock Down Furniture Design

Of course, there are pros and cons of purchasing furniture in such design. When someone wants to cut down cost, this type of furniture is a great choice. Usually, furniture like knock down dining table will be sold at lower price than assembled table. 

In addition to that, the shipping fee is likely to be not as high. The package does not take that much space if compared to ready to use table. 

Current market also offers diverse designs and functionalities so you have more choice instead of getting stuck with ordinary furniture.

The cons of purchasing such furniture design are definitely related to the fact that you have to assemble it on your own. This deters people from buying it because they are not confident in their own skill. 

There are also cases where people damage some parts while assembling without heeding the instruction and thus render the whole package unusable. 

Those who do not have time or patience to do the job may hire someone else and it is a significant amount of expense. Nonetheless, if you have time and want to develop skill, you should really consider buying one of these kits.