Live Edge Wood Coffee Table

Making Your Own Live Edge Wood Coffee Table

The live edge table trend seems to be increasingly loved by people. 

This table has a unique patterned surface that is generated from the wood slabs used to make the table. 

The use of the table is very diverse, you will see a live edge wood table in the living room, dining room, or terrace of the house which usually functions as a coffee table.

The placement of a live edge wood coffee table in a room will give a luxurious impression that is not excessive. 

If you are interested in this type of table, you can buy it at your nearest furniture store. 

However, you can also build your own live edge wood coffee table. 

Usually, people will add resin epoxy to make their table look a little ‘different’.

The important things you need to build your live edge wood coffee table are the wood slabs from the wood you have. 

Cut the woods according to the wood pattern, make them in the same thickness. 

Then, arrange it like a wooden puzzle to your liking on a flat base, glue it with wood glue so that the placement doesn’t change. 

Leave it for 4 to 5 hours so that all the wood is completely glued to the base.

The resin you will use must be mixed with a catalyst. You also have to mix the two in the right and evenly proportion. 

When the resin is ready, you can pour it into the gap between the wood slowly until it is evenly distributed. 

After you’ve made sure all of the gaps are completely filled, let it sit for at least 24 hours so that the resin and wood merge properly.

In the next step when the resin and wood are merged, you can level the surface with a planner. 

After that, you can sand it so that you get a really smooth table surface. 

In the finishing stage, use varnish to give a shiny effect to the table.

You only need to add your live edge wood coffee table with table legs which you can also adjust to your liking. 

After everything is installed, then you can enjoy your coffee with your new table on the terrace of your house.