Live Edge Wood Table

Various Choices of Live Edge Wood Table for Your Own Need

Wood has various usage for human life. 

The most common use we encounter in everyday life is wood as a basic material for furniture. 

Indeed, most of the furniture is mostly made of wood which also has various types as well as durability and resistance to decay.

Furniture also varies in designs. Some people like modern, minimalist, rustic, or even natural furniture design. 

But furniture with natural designs seems to be liked by people from different life backgrounds. 

The natural furniture design that is at the peak of its popularity is the live edge designs that are often applied to tables.

This live edge wood table is a table whose shape and appearance have the original condition of the wood slabs used. 

So basically, the table will really look like raw wood but with a little touch of completion. 

If you are a fan of that types of furniture that has a pure nature design, you might like this article.

Live edge coffee table

Live edge designs are most often applied to the existing coffee tables in coffee shops. 

The live edge theme matches an identical coffee shop with a natural setting. 

Live edge coffee tables are usually combined with chairs that are also themed with live edge design. 

The table and chair will be a perfect match when the legs used the hairpin type.

Live edge hanging shelves

Another interesting application of the live edge design is its use in the hanging shelf located in the kitchen. 

The choice of strong wood for shelves is very important, you should use oak, walnut, or pine wood. 

These hanging shelves’ installation is done by hanging or sticking them to the wall, you also have to choose strong bolts to support them.

Live edge floating table

In contrast, to live edge hanging shelves, this type of live edge wood table is really hung by using the help of a rope, not attached to the wall, so basically it is a floating live edge wood table. 

You can punch a hole in the table and attach an S-hook to attach the rope that will be hung on the ceiling. 

The result is a pretentious floating table that you can use to store your favorite books, flower vases, or mini cactus.