Luxury Farmhouse

Getting The Luxury Farmhouse Look

Elevate your farmhouse style to something that very looks luxurious and a little bit less commercialized.

What are the basics elements that built farmhouse design?

What are the origins of a farmhouse, and why is it so popular?

Why do people love it so much?

The basics and where the farmhouse started are off of practical design from agricultural living

So people who worked at farms with a farmhouse on a farm took care of a farm, Operated and worked, it the lifestyle that these people would have lived would have been very useful.

They would have been hard workers, and they wouldn’t have had a lot of time for frivolous things and all sorts of stuff.

How to incorporate that utilitarianism into Luxury farmhouse style?

Making it feel very elevated and luxurious and livable as opposed to something that is a little

a bit more commercialized, a little bit more fancy and frivolous.

What will say luxury is refinement and pulling back a little bit, so that’s what we’re going to talk about now.

Elevate your farmhouse design with built-in features

Boost your farmhouse design with built-in features like Shiplap ceilings, beams, beadboard, and everything between antique doors and windows.

Those types of elements will elevate your space, and when we look at a farmhouse, that’s very Luxury, efficient in designing it.

Farmhouse style typically has a medium-toned oak that’s kind of what we would have seen in a traditional farmhouse

The wood tone is one of the excellent elements that will be very warm, welcoming, cozy, and comfortable but still very fresh and very luxurious.

Most farmhouse design today has a particular color range; what we see pushed is a trendy design with a specific color scheme; it will be white, black maybe you accentuate with things like oak or tan.

We also see many earth tones, but we know many of this kind of sage green color.

It will be one of the greatest colors to see, and I think one of the trendiest colors.

One of the most extensive colors we will see will be a charming kind of forest hunter green

Something like that in a farmhouse would be beautiful.

It will be a huge trend one to look out for, but it’s going to be those warm kinds of inviting and neutral tones that you want in a farmhouse accentuated with really crisp and fresh white and strong black contrast.

What will elevate that kind of farmhouse look will be the furniture you’re using, and steer clear of is anything with a faux distressing to it

That kind of practical farmhouse design wouldn’t have any frivolous distressing, and it would have been maybe wood that was distressed and then painted.

You could see the texture in the distressing over with color, or it might just be left distressed or raw wood.

The wood tones I would invite you to use in a farmhouse design would be something along the lines of oak

I have seen a lot of this kind of gray tone used and a lot of gray farmhouse design.

That’s not what is going to say luxury to us; it is very commercialized.

I feel like that gray kind of farmhouse vibe has been pushed by home decor websites, and it’s something that isn’t necessarily luxurious.

It was a huge trend that I think should be pulled back on a little bit, and we should use natural earth tones, maybe a little bit less gray, a little bit less of those warm tone grays, and a little bit more of white ivory and beiges.

Not to say your gray pieces won’t work well; you could use gray-beige and white for a very sophisticated color scheme in a farmhouse design

Everything in all gray and gray and white is not a very sophisticated color scheme; it’s not something that’s going to be warm and cozy, so that I would say stick more towards a warm neutral as opposed to a cool-toned gray.

As far as furniture upholstery and pieces like that, we tend to see very minimal use of different textures colors materials.

We tend to see very white, very neutral things, very beige, like I’ve said before, contrasting and using those neutral tones together to create a layered design.

Typically, we would see a lot of linen a lot of durable fabrics.

I love a linen-looking fabric, especially if you have kids; that’s something great to go for, but a light texture like linen will be great in a farmhouse design. You can also incorporate velvets into it.

I would steer clear of anything too glamorous because it will not say rustic beautiful textured luxurious farmhouse.

Is going to sound more like a glam farmhouse, and that’s a little bit less of a sophisticated scheme to go for.

If you are going to do that, go for it, but take that farmhouse design to lean a little more to Lots of ideas you could incorporate into your farmhouse style design, too.

While you’re sticking clear of those faux distressed woods, you’re weaving more oak linen, lots of warm tones into our design.

Don’t leave out leathers and cowhides; they can be outstanding textural elements to add to the layer.

We would see leather some of those great feeling pieces, and we would see cowhides in a farmhouse.

It would be best to consider whether or not you have a very polished farmhouse whether or not you have a very glam farmhouse.

Those elements will build on that kind of utilitarian aspect of using what we have used, what would be available on a farm, into your home.

Some of my top tips to help you get that sophisticated farmhouse look into your home would be to add those architectural features.

Maybe unexpectedly add some; you can incorporate some french style elements into those features, but make sure it’s minimal.

Make sure that these areas make sense and you’re not just decorated for the sake of decorating them because the frivolous design wouldn’t be on a farm now.

Something else to consider is to be consistent with the materials you’re using throughout your home.

This is something that needs to happen in every home, no matter the style of the farmhouse.

We see many people who like to use brass; we know many people who want to use iron and black iron, be consistent in the materials you’re using, especially when it comes to hardware.

Use them on the hardware on your doors on your light fixture; mismatched hardware wouldn’t be something we might see on a farmhouse.

We want something very consistent; I like black iron.

For a farmhouse, I think it will elevate and give you a sophisticated look, and then you can incorporate different colored metals into your accessories.

Accessorizing in a farmhouse should be taken into consideration very seriously

Accessorizing will sell your farmhouse as a farmhouse and luxurious, so when we’re accessorizing, we want to steer clear of words unless it’s an antique sign or maybe it’s a jar with comments on it.

Something that would naturally have words on it is a significant element to incorporate into your home, so books antique signs, jars, and vases made out of old glasses and mason jars.

Those would have words on them; those are great words to incorporate into your home, but we don’t need to have signs that say farmhouse or, you know, its kind of like signs that are positive affirmations.

We’re a little bit like, do we need to see that every single day? We don’t need to see that to remind us. We need to focus on living that lifestyle as a whole.

Kinds of things that don’t sell the farmhouse or like a picture of a cow doesn’t mean your house is a farmhouse.

It means you have a picture of a cow but having something that would be very utilitarian, maybe a washing board or just something that would be antique.

Something that looks rustic looks like it would be used for a specific purpose, like it would have a place in that house.

Pieces like rustic elements that would have been used on a farm will make your home feel like a farmhouse.

The other place you might find words that I would feel is acceptable would be in monogramming things, so having your initials, your last name signs, and stuff like that makes sense in a home.

Great idea to incorporate into a farmhouse if you can find vintage or antique cross-stitch, embroidery, things like that would be cool.

That’s a great piece of artwork for a farmhouse or for that kind of rustic design because it is intentional, practical, purposeful, and that’s what we would see in a farmhouse, and that’s what your farmhouse is accessorizing.

Instead of getting a sign that says farmhouse, let’s replace it with an antique sign or a tin pail.

Do a shelf with mason jars on it, something to that extent that is going to say, hey, this is a farmhouse, intentional, practical, purposeful, and makes sense there.

I would look for some other accessories to look for: white ceramics; that’s something we would see that will sell that farmhouse design and vases made out of antique glass jars or pictures I love.

Unpolished antique silver always says farmhouse; it always says rustic to me. I think it’s gorgeous, and it’s a way to elevate your farmhouse design into something very glamorous.

So we can take these kinds of rustic elements and incorporate them with forgotten grandeur or decayed luxury, and that will sell that kind of a living working using farmhouse.

We do rough woods, and rustic elements incorporated with those polished pieces will sell that farmhouse vibe.

In one helpful sense, making valuable things for another reason will also sell that utilitarianism that great farmhouse design has.

I hope you found this farmhouse breakdown helpful I hope it will help you elevate your style and elevate your farmhouse.