Mango Wood Dining Tables

Mango Wood Dining Tables And The Surrounding Furniture Accessories For Outdoor Dining Settings

Mango woods are not only beautiful-looking on their own. 

Instead, mango woods are also the types of versatile woods that can be applied to many parts of the houses’ rooms, including dining tables in the dining rooms.

One of the downsides of using mango woods for dining tables is that the wooden material can cause skin irritation if not trimmed well. 

At the same time, trimming and polishing wooden materials can cost a lot, especially on exotic-looking woods like mango woods.

This makes mango wood dining tables unsuitable for dining rooms inside the houses. 

The good news is that the same dining tables can be used for dining rooms located outside the houses. 

After all, mango woods are among the most eco-friendly wooden materials for furniture, including for dining tables.

As the dark wood counterparts, mango wood dining tables for outdoor dining settings are best in wood slab forms. 

The wood slab forms of the dining tables permit more aesthetic feels to the outdoor dining settings. 

This especially applies when the dining tables’ feet are thin-shaped, black-colored, and arranged in diagonal and flippable settings.

Instead of the usual dining chairs, opt for wooden stools to compliment the outdoor dining tables made from mango woods. The wooden stools need not have feet. 

The colors of the wooden stools should match those of the dining tables. 

Ideally, if there are differences in the color selections between the wooden stools and the dining tables, the wooden stools should be under 20% darker than the dining tables. 

The dining tables from mango wood should be in lighter hues, so you’d want to adjust these colorings to the wooden stools.

Hanging plants such as green and sometimes purple-colored vines are great additions to your outdoor dining settings. 

Don’t forget to add some books inside the wired bookshelves for the added amenities.