Modern Glass Coffee Table

Modern Glass Coffee Table

Furniture that is made from glass can look elegant and attractive. Glass coffee tables are stunning and excellent for your large or small living room space. 

The modern glass coffee tables come in various shapes to match your living room style and design. 

There are glass coffee tables with the shapes of rectangle, square, oval, and round. 

Besides improving the living room look, the glass coffee tables can also improve other furniture around them.

Here are the best lists of modern glass coffee tables to makes your living room look more attractive.

Bakkarat End Table

The Bakkarat End Table is a modern glass coffee table that has 10mm of glass top thickness as well as two times thickness (20mm) for glass stem and metal table base. 

The table base is polished using a mirrored finish. All glasses which are used for this table is the kind of extra clear glass. 

The maximum loads it can handle are up to 44 pounds (20kgs).

Gaudo Solid Wood Coffee Table

The Gaudo Coffee Table is a modern glass coffee table with an elegant style and great appearance. 

The table is made from a walnut base or solid oak both of them are solid wood. 

The glass top is transparent and rests within the base legs. This table is available in different sizes and shapes.

Time Wooden Glass Coffee Table

This modern glass coffee table is round in shape and made of solid wood namely walnut frame or solid oak to support the clear glass top. 

The wooden glass coffee table steel base is chrome polished. The table is suitable for a small living room since the table is small in size and the table surface is suitable for you to put remotes on.

Falo Small Glass Coffee Table

The modern glass coffee table is designed with a clear tempered glass tabletop. 

The tabletop is combined with legs created from overlapping and stacked strips style. 

The strips are made of solid wood. The glass finish is made of natural vegetable wax with extracts of pine.