Oak Wood Uses

What Is Oak Wood Uses Good For?

What is Oak Woods?

Oak wood comes from Oak trees, and it is famous for its durable hardwood.

Oak has a botanical name called “Quercus” which means “beautiful tree.”

Oak wood uses are varied from lumber and furniture to shade as well as medicine or drug in nature.

Oak Wood as Furniture

Oak hardwood is one of the most famous choices to make flooring and furniture in the US. You can find many Oak wood uses in craftsman, traditional as well as mission style furniture.

This is because Oak wood is highly sturdy, easy to craft, and looks great after being stained or stunning with a natural and clear finish.

Moreover, Oak is also one of the most efficient hardwoods to burn because of its high BTU (British thermal unit) content.

Oak Wood for Indoor Furniture

All oak tree species are quite strong, heavy, dense, and hard.

It has a very close grain, and it can resist insect and fungal attacks due to its high content of tannin.

There are more than 500 Oak tree species located in the Northern hemisphere.

Most Oak trees used to make furniture are originated from Japan, North America, and Europe.

Oak wood uses are perfect for furniture as it is durable, solid and can stand being abused while keeping their beauty intact.

As indoor furniture, Oak can fits into almost any style of home.

It has a timeless design, so you can place your Oak furniture as your interior decoration as long as you like.

Oak Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Oak woods especially white Oak, are waterproof, and you can move your Oak furniture indoors and outdoors.

However, Red Oak acts like a sponge that absorbs water.

As a result, it can rot quickly when you put it outside.

Is Oak a Good Choice For flooring?

Oak is one of the most well-liked choices for hardwood flooring.

In terms of options, you can install White Oak or Red Oak. Red Oak is lighter than white Oak.

Meanwhile, White Oak is darker to some extent.

White oak is also good for the dining tables.

Is Oak a Good Choice For Cabinetry?

The short answer is yes. Oak wood is categorized as one of the sturdiest woods that are used for cabinets.

The strength and hardness it has can prevent warping and rot when it is humid and moist. In addition, it can keep dings and scratches at bay.

Is Oak Good for Boat and Ship Building?

Oak produces durable and heavy hardwood, and it has been used in boat-making industries dating back centuries ago.

Besides that, Oak is also an excellent wood for planking, frames, keels, and other purposes where sturdy and strong wood is required.

Oak Wood as Wine Barrels

Oak wood is the standard to create wine barrels. But not all types of Oak can be used.

Most wood sources used to build wine barrels are imported from 2 countries: France and the United States.

Oak Wood as Veneer

If you want to buy new doors, you might want to consider Oak veneer.

There are advantages of oak veneer, such as the price.

Oak veneer can give a high-quality appearance but without having to pay extra expenses for expensive wood.

Thus, it is more affordable. Moreover, Oak veneer can stand splits in the grain.

Oak Wood as Cutting Boards

Oak is considered a good material to make cutting boards.

Because Oak is a hardwood, it can endure the aftermath of your knife slicing.

However, some people observe that the large pores found on the wood can be ideal for growing bacteria.

While this can potentially be true, you can counteract this problem by washing the Oak cutting board thoroughly on a routine basis.

Oak Wood as Knife Handle

Oak wood is the perfect wood to make knife handles.

It is quite easy to carve. It also has higher durability and stability than most wood.

The beautiful look it offers makes it a very regular choice to make knife handles.

Oak Wood for Carving

Oak wood is a popular choice for carving.

It is solid and sturdy, and it has defined grain that makes it ideal for carving purposes.

Few examples of Oak wood carving products are sculptures, boxes, mantels, and more.

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