The Use of Paintable Wood Filler for Your Home-Based Furniture Painting Project

Wood Filler— A Definition

One essential material used in the wood finishing process is wood filler. Wood filler is the first material to apply in wood finishing.

It helps in preparing the wood for the next finishing stage. Thus, it closes the pores of the wood for further woodworking stages. Once the wood filler is applied, the next finishing process will be much easier to complete.

Functions of Wood Filler

Besides closing large wood pores, there are other functions of wood filler. Wood filler can help cover defects in the wood texture.

These wood texture defects include cracks, knots, and holes. If they are not closed with a wood filler, it will destroy the appearance of the final finishing.

Thus, a wood fillerin its use can be done by using a cloth or a brush, and then flattened with a cloth and smoothed with sandpaper.

When to Use Wood Filler?

Wood filler can be used when you want a final natural color finish of the wood that is still visible. As a base coat, the wood filler can fill the wood’s pores without hiding the appearance of the natural wood grain underneath.

However, this product is not suitable to be used for treating large wood texture defects, as well as wood putty.

In addition, the wood filler also doesn’t form a layer on the wood surface like wood putty. So, the finishing quality with wood filler is really about closing or filling the wood pores and repairing specific wood texture damage.

Thus, you can also add a sanding sealer material to it.

The Most Commonly Used Wood Filler

When using wood filler, opt for a product that dries quickly and is not easy to peel. A problem often occurs during the finishing process is waiting for the paint product and wood filler to dry.

The longer the material used to dry, the longer the finishing process will take.

So to overcome this, you have to look for a product that will dry quickly, like a good paintable wood filler. In addition to the speed of drying, peeling is also a problem.

When peeling occurs, you will have to use a lot of wood filler. This will result in an increased cost or budget on your side.

Type of Wood Filler that is Paintable

You can choose and use two types of wood filler types. The first is a wood filler made from oil (solvent-based) and a water-based wood filler. So, a paintable wood filler is water-based.

The use of water-based wood filler is easier than oil-based. You don’t need a long time to wait for the paintable wood filler to dry.

Thus, a water-based wood filler product has been given color by the manufacturer. So making it easier for you to apply it directly to the furniture.

How to Use Paintable Wood Filler Easily


Prepare the surface that you will repair. Start by removing the previously applied coating with coarse sandpaper. Ensure all coating layers are completely removed and the surface turns smooth.

Then, clean the wood surface with a cloth, so no dust builds up.


Apply paintable wood filler to the entire surface of the wood if the defects are not too deep. However, if the defects are deep enough, you must use wood putty.

In this step, make use of a palette knife. Start from the edge of the damaged area. Press the wood filler and then clean the area around the filler.

Wait for the filler to dry and smooth the surface

Allow the wood filler to dry completely for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once completely dry, immediately sand the surface until it becomes smooth and the wood grain is visible.

You can use aluminum oxide sandpaper number 240 for this process. Check if the surface of the hole is flat or even. If you see no difference in the surface, repeat the process of giving wood filler one more time.


Make sure the sanding results are very smooth and even so that the appearance of the furniture will be very new. You may choose to give a wood stain for a transparent natural color result.

5 Paintable Wood Filler Brands to Try at Home

Minwax High-Performance Wood Filler

This Minwax high-performance paintable wood filler is perfect for repairing cracks, minor dents, holes, and other wood defects of all types of unfinished interior and exterior wood surfaces.

This brand also easily solves the problem of rotting wood and damaged wood. This specific paintable wood filler product fills the surface of the furniture perfectly.

This product won’t make a mess with an instruction guide that is easy to follow and very easy to implement.

Goodfilla Water-Based Wood Filler

The Goodfilla brand is an example of an innovative water-based paintable wood filler that is easy to use and suitable for beginners.

With its high-quality product, this paintable wood filler works like magic. Mainly in terms of not being easy to shrink (non-shrink), crack, and having a good adhesion.

DAP 00585 All Purpose Wood Filler

An all-purpose wood filler that is paintable, made by DAP, is intended for indoor and outdoor woodworking. Its properties also vary for all the defects in the surface of the wooden furniture.

Its use is the same as other paintable wood fillers, but this brand claims to show the finished wood looks like the original. The product packaging says, “Looks & Acts Like Real Wood.”

Mowilex Precoat Wood Filler

This paintable wood filler from Mowilex helps cover wood from any defects and holes. They come in two variants, mainly teak and camphor.

It is made from an acrylic emulsion which has been proven to provide maximum results to even out the wood surface.

Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Filler

This brand has several variants that are most suitable for paintable wood fillers. The sanding process of Elmer’s wood filler is quite easy.

It is available in tube and pint variants for use in large quantities. Depending on your needs, this paintable wood filler is used to overcome the problem of the gouge, dents, holes, and other wood defects.

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