Painting Furniture Without Sanding;  How Possible Is It?

Many homeowners have tried to paint their furniture without sanding. They claimed that they have successfully made their furniture look better than before.

However, others may say that painting furniture without sanding will make paint remains on the surface flaky.

The fact is that sanding is very crucial because sanding can remove any paint on old furniture. The painting can cause the new painting to fail to stick.

By sanding, all uneven surfaces will vanish, and the new paint can adhere very well.

However, many homeowners have proven that their DIY painting furniture without sanding effort is a major success.

They can even paint dark-colored furniture sets into lighter colors with satisfying results. They claim they know ‘the secret’ of painting furniture sets without sanding.

Is It Possible To Paint Furniture Without Sanding?

Sanding is indeed time-consuming. Regardless of its hassles, it is still very important. Besides, sanding isn’t too bothering. The fact is that sanding can avoid more complicated tasks that will occur after the repainting process.

Those who don’t want to face hassles can just sand the outer layer of the furniture painting instead of the original surface. It is very fast and easy. Try sanding a coffee table which might not take more than 15 minutes.

The bigger the furniture, the longer the sanding will take place. But, such effort can put another layer on the durability of the furniture. Bulky areas will disappear, and repainting is much easier.

The Benefits of Sanding

There are lots of benefits when it comes to sanding old furniture. Sanding furniture will cause an abrasion that makes the primer adhere to the surface.

The most important thing is that users should choose the right type of sandpaper because the results can be different.

Users choose sandpaper based on the coarseness level. The level refers to the grit size range, which works differently on different surfaces.

The lowest level is fine sandpaper, sufficient for the simple sanding process. The highest level is the extra coarse sandpaper with up to 36-grit range.

Many experienced carpenters claim that the time length to finish the sanding process is worth the effort. By sanding, the finishing durability delivers excellent results.

It means sanding can avoid durability problems in the longer term.

Is It Fine to Skip Sanding Before Painting Furniture?

It is fine if users don’t sand before painting their furniture. Regardless of what most carpenters do, any furniture looks good-looking without sanding. But, there are important things to figure out before skipping this process.

First, it is not recommended to skip sanding over shiny sets of furniture. Without sanding, the primer can easily peel off. However, those who want to avoid sanding over shiny surfaces can just choose chalk paint.

Next, sanding is necessary when the furniture sets have a wax coating. Neither primer nor paint adheres to the wax surface. Users should make sure that they get rid of the wax thoroughly.

Alternatives to Sandpaper

No doubt, using sandpaper for sanding may take a long time. This is why there are alternatives to sand furniture without too many hassles.

The first one is a sander machine that is very lightweight and ergonomic. However, users usually make sure that they use sandpaper in the grain direction to avoid scratches.

Another exceptional alternative is a liquid sander. It can work with any furniture set. Most users have proven that this product can eliminate uneven surfaces and work well with their primer and paint.

What Is The Most Appropriate Paint To Use on Furniture Without Sanding

An oil-based primer is the best option for those who still want to avoid sanding. The result is good in that the paint will not peel easily.

It is the opposite of water-based primer that will scratch off easily when there is no sanding process over the furniture surface. 

Chalk paint is another kind of paint that is also good to use on furniture without sanding. This kind of paint can cover even the smallest flaws on any surface.

Painting furniture with chalk paint with a certain thickness level can deliver perfect coverage. Even chalk paint still needs wax to seal the painted furniture. Certain wax products can provide a long-lasting finish.

Important Steps in Painting Furniture Without Sanding

Prepare the painting surface by wiping down areas using mineral spirits for table cleaning. By using this substance, users can remove oil and debris thoroughly. Then, use a scratch repair kit to fix the scratches.

Then, press the wax crayon into those scratches. Make sure that there is no scratch left. After that, remove excessive wax by using a plastic scraper. Drag the scraper all over the scratches to leave the surface smooth.

Now, it is time to apply the chalk paint by a roller or paint brush to the entire furniture surface. The paint may look

Don’t worry if the paint looks weird, though. It will look fine when it dries within one hour. Once it dries, apply the second paint coat. It will take approximately 24 hours to dry.

Steps to Consider Before Painting Furniture Without Sanding

These days, people are too busy that they always try to find alternatives to finishing jobs as fast as possible. The same thing applies to painting furniture without sanding.

First, it is important to remove oils and grime by wiping the surface with gentle soapy water.

Before applying a stain blocker, the furniture should be dry. A stain blocker is beneficial when users want to change their dark-colored furniture into a lighter color.

Wood consists of natural tannins that will blend well with the stain blocker.

After the stain blocker is dry, it is time to apply the chalk paint. Many people use a roller to reach the right thickness of paint. After the first coat is dry, then apply the second coat.

Is it Necessary to Remove Varnish by Sanding?

Furniture sets with glossy finish or varnish don’t require sanding. Users should only sand certain bulky surfaces to ensure the primer will stick to them. Besides, it only requires one paint coating for a good result.

Distressing furniture sets with sandpaper can reveal a darker shade. Then, users can just choose any color that they want to cover the furniture. Again, using chalk paint is recommended for the first and second coating.

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