Painting Over Old Paint on Wood

It often happens when you buy a new piece of furniture, but it doesn’t match your home’s color scheme, so you need to give it a new look.

Or it might be that your old painted furniture is outdated, so it requires a whole new touch. Painting over old paint on wood is not complicated if you know how to do it.

How to Paint Wood Furniture Without Sanding

When planning to repaint an old piece of wood, one of the questions is should you sand the wood first?

Sanding is tiring and takes a lot of preparation time, especially when working with a bulky piece of furniture. That’s why people love to skip it and use another preparation instead.

However, with an old piece of furniture, can you repaint it without sanding it? It’s good news because the answer is “yes.” You certainly can.

The main purpose of sanding furniture is to remove the old sealer or varnish from the wood to let the new paint stick well. So instead of sanding, you can use an oil-based primer.

This kind of primer can easily stick to your wood’s old seal or varnish. After that, use latex paint to complete the project.

Painting Over Peeling Paint on Wood

If you are painting your old wood because the paint is already chipped, then there must be some special things to prepare.

If the old paint is peeled, you cant just repaint it to cover the peeling look. It might work at first, but it only lasts for a while.

When you paint over chipped paint, the surface will not be smooth. It will be uneven, and most of the time, the chipped paint will fall off as you brush along with the new paint that has been applied.

So it is the same as wasting your time and energy.

Fixing the peeled paint is important so you can end up with good-looking new paint for your old furniture. Simple and peeled areas will help smoothen the surface and make it ready for new paint.

How to Paint Over Painted Furniture

Painting over-painted furniture is challenging. Sometimes you need to prime it, and the other times you don’t. If the original paint is still in good shape without chipped areas, aplying prime is unnecessary.

You need it when the old paint is too glossy or sloppy, or you want to go with a very dark color while the old paint is light. Also, depending on the paint you are using, a primer might be needed to let it stick to the wood properly.

You also don’t need to sand or strip the old paint when it is in good shape. So preparing the wood area before painting depends on how good your old paint is. The better it is, the less preparation you need.

Can You Spray Paint over Painted Wood?

Spray paint over painted is certainly possible; sometimes, you don’t even need to apply primer. Just spray the paint all over the wood, and you are done.

You can have this easy process if your old paint is still amazingly good without chipping and the old paint is not glossy.

If you have these two issues, you must fix them first by sanding the areas to remove all the imperfections.

It is also essential to know what type of the old paint; is it is water-based or oil-based; to help you come up with the right paint and primer that matches the old paint.

Chalk Paint Over Painted Furniture

Using chalk paint over painted furniture is a good idea since chalk paint sticks well to any type of surface. It can be used to paint over unfinished or painted furniture.

This water-based paint is also a primer, so it saves some time from applying primer before painting.

Chalk paint is also thick enough not to drip over your floor. It is best to lightly sand the wood surface before painting to get a good result.

Sanding with fine sandpaper after painting with chalk paint is also necessary to bring out a light shining look of the paint.

Best Paint for Painted Wood

Choosing paint is sometimes stressful because the paint is not just painted. There are a lot of things to consider, such as the type of paint, the finish, the price, and the color.

The best paint for painted wood is the one that matches the old paint and sticks easily to it.

Whether you want the finish to be glossy or matte, vintage or modern will also help you find the best. What kind of wood you are painting also affects the best choice.

For example, chalk paint could be the best option for wooden furniture since it doesn’t distress easily.

In contrast, you might need a moisture-resistant type of paint for wooden cabinets since the furniture is easily exposed to moisture.

How to Paint Over Acrylic Painted Furniture

Painting over acrylic furniture requires proper preparation to remove the old paint and smoothen the surface. Acrylic paint is thick enough not to let your new paint stick perfectly to your wood surface.

Don’t forget to clean the surface from any dust from the preparation before applying primer and paint. So make sure that everything is well prepared before painting.

Almost any type of paint sticks well with acrylic, but tempera or chalk paint doesn’t work well, so you have to choose the best paint that can blend with the old acrylic paint.

Easiest Way to Paint Furniture

Sometimes you have no choice except to deal with a painting project even when you hate it. Painting is easy as long as you know the technique.

Most people don’t like painting because it takes a long preparation and process. They don’t have enough patience to paint all over a piece of furniture and wait for each coat to dry. It takes a lot of time.

However, using chalk paint, you can save more time because you don’t need to sand it, just clean the surface to remove the dust and dirt.

With chalk paint, you also don’t need a primer. Just paint and a sealer. This paint is also easier to dry so you don’t have to wait so long. It gives wood furniture a nice finish and lasts longer when done properly.

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