Petrified Wood Side Table

Shapes for Your Petrified Wood Side Table

The petrified wood side table is a fine example of the beauty of nature. 

You can easily see that nature can bring different colors to the wood and it creates an extraordinary look to be used for the table. 

There are many shapes that you can make for your petrified wood side table.

Shapes for Petrified Wood Side Table

1. The Round Unfurnished One

Some people like to elevate the beauty of nature by using the solid woodcut as it is for the petrified wood side table. 

For this one, you can just soften the surface for the topper of the table. You do not need to add legs for the table as the log itself functions as the whole table.

2. All Furnished Round Table

For this one, you need to soften all the surface of the table and furnish it nicely. Make sure to choose a light color furnish to show the real color of the wood.

3. Petrified Wood Square Side Table

For this one, you need to shape the table into squares. Make sure you cut it nicely with the correct size to be used as your table. 

Make sure that each part of the table is soft and then furnish it well. Elevate the natural look of the wood with the clear furnish and you are done.

4. Round Wood Cut Combined with Metal

If you have only a small cut of wood, it is fine as long as you can make it nice for the topper of your table. 

You can either furnish it or not based on your preference. For the legs, use 3 metals to support the weight on top of the table.

Nature has its own beauty and with the right hand, you can make your own petrified wood side table nicely. 

Make sure to not paint the wood in to keep the original pattern from the wood.