Protect garden furniture in winter from the frost

Winterize your garden furniture and protect it from the frost

When you choose to buy new garden furniture, it goes without saying that you will preferably want to enjoy it for as long as possible. However, to guarantee this, it is always important that you correctly protect garden furniture in winter.

Applies the protection that must be offered to your furniture, not least when winter comes.

By considering the information in this article, you will be able to determine that your garden furniture is complete ‘winter-proof.

protect garden furniture in winter

Put garden furniture inside when possible

Do you have a substantial garden house or a beautiful garage with a large surface?

In that case, it is often advisable to keep your garden furniture here during the winter months. If you have chosen to invest in wooden garden furniture, it is always advisable to provide the necessary ventilation.

In this way, it is prevented that their would-be attack, particularly fungus or infestation by insects such as woodworm.

An interesting extra tip for people who place their wooden garden furniture indoors during the winter is to use a layer of garden furniture stain.

This interesting remedy has a versatile effect. In this way, it ensures that aging is slowed down and prevents the furniture from being soiled. They shine neatly inside until they can be placed outside again after the winter.

Please note, always consider the place where your garden furniture is stored indoors.

For example, preferably do not do this near a condensing boiler. The combination of drought and heat could cause your precious garden furniture to crack.

Wooden garden furniture in winter

Types of softwoods that are made for garden furniture such as spruce or pine are best stored indoors during the winter. Place them in a dry, warm place so that the wood cannot dry out.

It is also important that the room they are in has adequate ventilation. Do not cover wooden garden furniture with plastic in winter.

Are you covering your garden furniture? Yes but.

Nowadays, there are various options on the market to cover not only your garden furniture as a whole but also various parts.

Special covers and other protective material may be advisable to use for your garden cushions, plastic or synthetic garden furniture, and barbecue, but pay attention to teak wooden garden furniture.

Even simply covering this furniture can cause mold to develop, and you will undoubtedly want to prevent that.

garden furniture in winter

Do not place your garden furniture on the lawn

During the spring and summer, many people choose to place their garden furniture on the lawn.

Find out what you need to do about lawn maintenance so that you always have a healthy and tidy lawn in the garden. This choice is made because living in the green environment of your lawn is very inviting.

When autumn arrives and the beautiful days are over, it is recommended to put your garden furniture on the terrace.

Prevent a whole bump of repairs in the spring and prepare your garden for winter! This is, of course, the case when you do not have the opportunity to take them in.

By choosing to place your garden furniture on the terrace or another paved surface, moss and green deposits will not occur.

In principle, teak does not need to be treated to survive the winter. Is your garden furniture heavily soiled, or are you not in favor of a silver-grey patina? In that case, it is always possible to use a teak cleaner, an oil, or a protector.

Aluminum furniture in your garden? No problem during the winter!

It uses aluminum garden furniture. An aluminum garden set is a bit more expensive to purchase; on the other hand, it is characterized by excellent durability.

Furniture made of aluminum can therefore remain outside during the winter without any problem.

Cleaning is done by means of a maintenance product that does not cause scratches.

Aluminum garden furniture Winterizing your garden furniture is important to extend the life of your garden furniture for a considerable amount of time. Also, is your garden furniture ‘winter-proof?

What about plastic garden furniture?

The interesting purchase price of plastic garden furniture ensures that it still flies over the counter smoothly.

Garden furniture made of plastic or synthetic materials, for example, can be left outside during the harsh winter months without any problem.

It is recommended to place them under a shelter or use a tarp, which prevents the garden furniture from discoloring under the influence of precipitation or dirt.

Extra tips for your garden furniture during the winter

By taking the above information into account, it is already possible to protect the majority of garden furniture in the most optimal way against the influence of winter. Nevertheless, we have listed a few extra interesting tips, especially for you, that are worth considering.

Do you choose to leave your garden furniture outside, but are you going to cover it with a cover?

In that case, it can be interesting to secure it extra with the help of a rope or a tension strap. This is interesting because otherwise, the cover can blow off during the winter.

Do you use a protective cover for your garden furniture during the winter?

Then it is always worthwhile to provide a high point in the middle of the cover. This way, you can be sure that the water can drain properly.

Always keep your lounge cushions indoors!

Many people leave them outside under a protective cover during the winter. However, they do not consider that the rising damp can penetrate through the seams of the protective cover.

This means that it can affect the condition of the lounge cushions. The only exception to this rule is, of course, made for so-called all-weather pillows. In principle, these can be left outside.

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