Reclaimed Wood and Reclaimed Furniture Style

All You Need to Know About Reclaimed Wood and Reclaimed Furniture Style

Are you into a beautiful reclaimed furniture style and want to have some? Then, getting to know what reclaimed wood is will be the first thing to start. 

In this article, you’ll find further information about anything you need to know about this eco-friendly wood. Let’s check it out!

The Meaning of Reclaimed Wood Furniture Design

Reclaimed wood or recycled wood means refined and rescued timber to make it another form. 

So, the wood is ready to re-use. This polished wood is usually from old barns, workshops, and warehouses that have torn and have gone down into pieces. 

The sources of reclaimed wood are from the roof trusses, the roof beams, floorboards, and joists.

One of the clearest and the most ultimate advantages of choosing reclaimed furniture is the eco-friendliness. 

As we know that our jungles, woods, and forests are in critical condition due to over-forestation. 

That’s why we need to conserve the fewer trees left. When you prefer a reclaimed furniture style, you also participate in saving our earth since the furniture only uses old wood that has recycled. 

Therefore, the carpenters don’t need to cut more wood to make furniture pieces.

Best Place to Buy Reclaimed Wood Furniture in the US

Are you looking for reclaimed wood for your new house? Do you need it to get involved in a DIY project? Here are the best places to buy it in the US.


Craigslist is one of the best options if you want to buy recycled wood to add a reclaimed furniture style in the house by picking up locally. 

First, you need to open the app and select the area you live at. Then, choose the “for sale” menu and click “materials” to filter. 

Finally, you can type reclaimed timber, lumber, or wood as well as you’ll feel how easy it is to get it.

Home Depot

Home Depot is not only a place where you can buy home appliances but also building materials include recycled wood. 

You can check the varieties of online like the colors, crates, and pallets. There are many brands as well as dealers offer the best-quality of recycled wood.

How to Maintain Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Apply oil or varnish

If your reclaimed wood for your reclaimed furniture style hasn’t got any proper care before buying, you should apply oil or varnish onto it. 

It can protect the wood from any stain and dust. Oil is the most recommended substance if you want the wood’s grain still looking beautiful with its detail. 

However, if you wish to make the wood looks more polished, smoother, and glossier, the varnish is the best one to use!

Avoid direct sunlight

As we find out, the sun can be the reason why our things are bleaching. 

That’s the same reason why you shouldn’t expose your recycled wood furniture from direct sunlight. 

By doing this, the color on the furniture pieces will stay longer.

How to Get Reclaimed Wood for Free

You should know that it is quite expensive to get reclaimed wood for a homeowner to dispose of and pull apart materials of the old building. 

Here are some ways to get the wood for your reclaimed furniture style for free!

Local Farms

You should ask a farmer if you want to know old barn wood. You can drive your car and go to the country. 

If you find any eye-catching old barn, you should ask permission politely before entering it and gripping some pieces of wood out of the property. 

A lot of barns nowadays use more modern barn designs, that make farmers rarely use the old wooden barns. 

That’s why it can be a great place to start with to find some recycled wood.

Construction Dumpster

You should be familiar with this saying: “A man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” 

The next place where you can get the recycled trash for free. You can go to your local site of construction to check out whether they take to have some recycled wood. 

If you can see any of them, make sure you ask permission to the contractors before you take them home. You can do this to make sure that they don’t have any plans to use recycled wood for their project. 

The tip to know the construction site that is happening nearby, you can find it online and type: “building projects near me.”

Pros and Cons of Reclaimed Wood for Furniture

When you decide to use recycled wood, you should know the benefits and the downside of using it. 

Recycled timber has a past life used to be a newer function to create furniture pieces. A lot of people have a high interest in this type of wood to help jungles, forests, and timber from deforestation. 

It makes the utmost benefit of using recycled wood since it’s an eco-friendly item. 

The beautiful grain also can still pop out with proper care. We can have recycled timber from an old barn or storage.

The benefits of reclaimed wood

Eco-friendly: When you use recycled wood, you make the demand for new lumbers decreases. 

It will affect people to do less deforestation. This type of wood is a sustainable resource if people harvest it responsibly. 

It can decrease the waste in landfills and the use of dangerous substances to produce new things that aren’t good for the environment. 

The example is when we decide the flooring material. The installment of reclaimed furniture style is better than a furniture style that uses endangered wood species like teak or mahogany wood.

Multiple uses: there are a lot of usages of recycled wood. The examples are shelves, hardwood flooring, cabinets, desks, countertops, wall paneling, as well as tables.

The downside

Price: it costs pricier than virgin wood. The reason is that the complicated process of polish recycled timber. 

A dealer filters and chooses the wood that is safe and has a good-quality for customers to use. Sometimes, before it’s ready to use, there was a lot of nail pulling.

Legitimacy: Some traders sometimes make a malicious statement about the product’s sources. It makes recycled wood has a downside in terms of its legitimacy. 

One tip for you when you want to have recycled wood furniture is you purchase it only from a reputable trader that has a legitimate certificate as well as the source of the wood is legal.

How to Finish Reclaimed Wood for Furniture

When you want to create a furniture piece with recycled wood, you need to prepare some additional materials since you need to cover some flaws on the boards. 

It takes a lot of scarp stock to do the finishes of test-matching. In reality, before building something from recycled wood, you need to do test finishes. 

One of the ways to protect the adjacent patina surfaces from stain is you can stain fresh-cut corners and ends.

Bedroom Set of Furniture with Reclaimed Wood

This Glaciepoint 4 Pc Bedroom set is one of the most elegant bedroom sets. It’s from sturdy recycled pine that has grey stone polish. 

Each unit has a unique design that has a classic style and function. This bedroom conveys a minimalist approach with the matching shades in futuristic grey.

There is ample storage to add functionality in the English sturdy drawer casket. 

The construction of it is from full-extension drawer glides, ball-bearing, and tarnished iron bar pulls.

If you want to have a soothing and relaxing space with a modern look, you can purchase this Glaciepoint bedroom set of furniture.

The four items of this queen bedroom set are:

  • One nightstand
  • One mirror
  • One dresser
  • One queen panel bed

Reclaimed Wood for Wall Décor

Your blank wall will look more artistic by adding some handcrafted pieces! The wall will be fascinating to look at when some recycled wood is the material for the wall décor. 

You can install a mini bookshelf or beautiful art décor. Whether you want to hang it individually or along with other matching pieces, you can make a bold, creative statement into your house.

We need to inform you that the variations and colors from unit to unit are different. 

It’s due to the imperfection of reclaimed wood that makes it distinctive from other types of wood. 

So, whatever reclaimed furniture style you want to use, make sure that you find a trusted dealer to get the reclaimed wood legally. Good luck!