Reclaimed Wood Style

The Applications On Reclaimed Wood Style Furnitures You Need To Know

Whispers and echoes of the past make reclaimed lumber (or reclaimed woods) look beautifully aged and unique. 

People all over the world have used these high-quality “upcycled” woods for furnitures in their houses.

In this article, we’re going to look at the applications of reclaimed wood style furnitures. 

In addition, we’ll also look at how should you buy reclaimed woods for your furnitures and how to care for them:

• Reclaimed Woods For End Tables

The aged nature of reclaimed woods doesn’t mean they can’t be applied to various types of furnitures. End tables, or small-sized tables placed near the sofa in the living rooms, are some of the examples.

You should make sure the end table tops are small and the legs are thin in applying reclaimed woods for your living rooms’ end tables. 

The end tables that use reclaimed woods as the main materials also tend to have circle-shaped tabletops, even though some are square-shaped.

• Reclaimed Woods For Headboards

Some bedrooms use headboards on top of the beds to protect heads from injuries. Here, reclaimed woods can also be applied for headboards on beds.

All you need to make these types of furniture are scraps of reclaimed woods. 

Then, you need to sand and fit these woods to provide raw, textured looks, that are perfect for rustic-modern and industrial-themed bedrooms. 

After that, finish by waxing and smoothing them so they will contribute to your bedrooms’ comfort levels.

• Reclaimed Woods For Kitchen (Dining) Tables

Reclaimed wood style furnitures can also be applied to dining room furnitures, and kitchen (or dining) tables are no exception. 

Dining tables that are primarily made from reclaimed woods can be applied to industrial or farmhouse-themed dining room decorations.

Most of the dining tables using reclaimed woods come in basic rectangular shapes with sturdy wood block-shaped legs made from the same wood types as the ones used for the tabletops. 

Some, though, have either hourglass or V-shaped legs made from black-colored metals.

• Reclaimed Woods For Table Tops

Any table tops made from reclaimed woods give rustic feels to the tables where they are applied to. Hence, tabletops that are made from reclaimed woods are suitable for close-to-nature room settings.

Reclaimed scaffold boards are the most popular reclaimed wood materials in constructing any tabletops regardless of the shapes of the legs. 

The scaffold boards usually form either square or rectangular-shaped table tops and you can even choose the colors you like as the woods’ finishings.

• Reclaimed Woods For Coffee Tables

Big or small, coffee tables are among the most flexible furnitures for applying reclaimed wood designs. 

You can use the antique characteristic of reclaimed woods to form coffee tables that contribute to the rustic or farmhouse themes of your living rooms.

To further add the rustic or farmhouse feels, use wooden blocks as the legs even though legs from metallic materials are also possible to be used. You can also choose either rectangular or circle shapes as the tabletops.

• Reclaimed Woods For Drawer Accent Cabinets

The reclaimed wood style furnitures are known for the rustic feels, and you can apply the same feel to your drawer accent cabinets.

Make sure your drawer accent cabinets are not too large in their dimensions, so you can have plenty of rooms to place on plants, books, and other rustic elements in your rooms. 

Don’t forget to couple your drawer accent cabinets with metal ring pulls to give a laid-back look to the overall drawer accent cabinets.

• Reclaimed Woods For Handcrafted TV Consoles

If you want to make your living rooms or bedrooms feel rustic, and you have TVs in your houses, then, you should apply reclaimed woods to your TV consoles by handcrafting them.

Storage shelves are must-haves to store CDs, DVDs, VCRs, or modems. 

Don’t forget to add doors with wooden latches and metal ring pulls, as well as exposing the wood grains, so the rustic feels of your handcrafted TV consoles will be enhanced.

• Reclaimed Woods For Wall-Mounted Coat Racks And Hat Shelves

Applying reclaimed woods for wall-mounted coat racks and hat shelves in your bedrooms or bathrooms is your answer to skip bulky coat racks that block your ways to your rooms.

Not only that you have more freedom in roaming around your private rooms, but wall-mounted coat racks and hat shelves that are made from reclaimed woods are also economical in price.

All you need are just reclaimed woods as well as tools for DIY projects. Then, you can hang your coats and hats using the coat racks and hat shelves made from reclaimed woods.

• Guides To Buy Reclaimed Woods For Your Furnitures

Since reclaimed woods are beautiful woods in their antique, rustic, and close-to-nature feels, those are the types of woods that you should treasure and respect the origins regardless of the wood types and subtypes.

In buying reclaimed woods for your furnitures, you should consider things such as the knots, small nail holes, wood grains, and other variances that add interest to the wooden pieces, as well as the wood ages and colors. 

The older and the more distinctive the woods, the more expensive the reclaimed woods generally are.

• Caring For Your Reclaimed Wood Style Furnitures

Cleaning and waxing are the keys to care for your reclaimed wood-style furnitures. 

By waxing your pieces of furnitures as frequently as you should be, you won’t only make your furnitures look like brand-new furnitures, but also nourish the woods’ timbers and protect the overall woods.

At the same time, in caring for your furnitures that is made from the reclaimed woods, you should also avoid ring marks, stains, pen marks, or other types of markings. 

Also, remind yourself to always lift your furnitures instead of dragging them to avoid weakening the joints.

Finally, by reading this article, you’ll get an idea of how you should apply reclaimed woods to different styles of furnitures, consider things when buying reclaimed wood for your furnitures, as well as caring for your reclaimed wood style furnitures.