How to Refinishing A Wood Buffet

Most people use a wood buffer to store a lot of stuff in a house or an office. This furniture looks like a sideboard with long and low storage spaces.

However, a wooden buffet can get worn out and needs to be replaced. You probably think of replacing your wooden buffet instead of repairing it through furniture refinishing.

When the paint or stain of your wooden buffet becomes discolored, you refinish the paint or stain to make it like a new one.

So, if you think about trying refinishing your wooden buffet, you can try to follow these steps to help refinish your wooden buffet in easy ways.  

Make sure to clean it first

The first step you need to do to refinish the wooden buffet is to make all the surfaces seem clear. It will be hard to refinish while a lot of things are everywhere.

You can use a wet rag to clean up the surface, then apply the dry one. Clean wooden stuff will make you more comfortable at work.

Replace the hardware stuff

Refinishing a wooden buffet must replace the new hardware, such as nuts and bolts. This stuff may get rusty and make it difficult to support women.

Even though you don’t have attention to replacing it just because it still looks refined, replacing it with a new one is recommended in this refined wooden buffet.

Old nuts or bolts might contain grease and grime. So, you need to pay more attention while you are doing it.

Moreover, it is also useful if you care enough not to sand grease into your wood because it can cause the paint not to adhere properly.

Other hardware doors include the door hinges and drawers. Replace nuts and bolts are useful, enabling you to repair the door and drawer.

Check the advisability of those things because it is a crucial part of the wooden buffet as the main component. Also, clean inside the drawers and cupboards.

Look at damaged structural

Relate to the previous case, removing the door and drawer can ease you to see the detailed structure that has been damaged.  

Making sure to fix the damaged one is more important. Once it is broken even a little bit, it could affect another surface.

This is how important this step is. If you find a surface that looks brittle, then make sure to fix it first. This ain’t take much of your time, but if you avoid it, it can impact its endurance.

Find the structural damage and determine the best way to fix it. There are many ways to find out the ways you can find on this site.

In one of those, you can use wood glue and a screw to support the surface of a loose buffet tabletop.


Knowing about wooden buffets can help you to look at alternatives while fixing your wooden buffet.

Such as replacing paint strippers if you want, but in a different case, if you have a large top surface, using strippers helps to decrease dustiness and spend a lot of time on sanding.

You can strip the areas you plan to do by using strippers, then doing some light sanding provides a more consistent stain job.

Due to being simple, this recommendation may take 15  minutes. It is important to know sanding or stripping is bare wood.  

To get the best one,  you need to start with lower grit sandpaper to clean up scratches or to remove the one that has not finished yet.

This alternative stripper can be skipped by starting to sand the surface. If you sand a surface for stain, you must get down to bare wood. If you paint the surface, you can just sand the surface lightly, so your paint adheres better.

Primary care

This primary care somehow makes people think about skipping. Not based on a personal perspective. It even helps the paint to adhere better to a suggestion.

Rather than a water-based spray primer, use an oil-based spray primer that perfectly adheres to a wooden surface.

For brighter color paint, prime is useful, though. It seems like bleeding through your paint.

The case is that wood tannins can have yellow and brown marks throughout the paint, but not if your prime is an oil-based or shellac-based product.

Apply the paint

After it is glued tight, it will look smooth and primed for paint. Next is applying paint in some ways.

You can use a Wooster brush for a better result and splash down some water for the first step so that it helps to be sure to brush glide and make it fully smooth.

Try to sweep it in the same line as the wood texture. Its brush strokes match the wood grain, hiding them as best as possible.


Then, it can take off that had protected the surfaces which have been stained. Look carefully. The surface must be clean. If it needs to clean again, remove any dust that could interfere. 

Adhere to cover

Get to the last step that may make you have fun. Some people believe people paint only a piece of furniture nowadays and skip the top cover.

It could be bad to skip a top cover such as water-based polyurethane and others. This cover should be clear so that it can service durability to stand daily usage in a household, or it could be scratching up.

There is an option if you want to apply water-based poly polyurethane to a foam applicator. Furthermore, you can add spray cans that spray water-based poly or regular polyurethane (oil-based), which works fine.

This top cover supposed you apply for a minimum of 3 coats to protect. But if you put more in, then it is much better.

A wooden buffet is a piece of furniture that can store anything with a simple look or design. You can put your goods in the wooden buffet.

You can also get elegant storage placed as decoration in your house. Hence, refinishing your wooden buffet will add more beauty and uniqueness to the buffet.

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