How to Remove Black Urine Stains from Hardwood Floors

Urine And Its Effects On Hardwood Floor.

When you own a pet, it is inevitable to see urine from your pet on the floor. Your pet’s urine can create stains and a terrible odor on your hardwood floor.

Most people are looking for a way to prevent and clean urine stains from their floors.

Stains are not the only bad thing about your pet’s urine. The smell is another terrible problem, especially if they urinate on your furniture or wood floors. The odors are so smelly that they can make the whole house stinky.

So, if you are looking for a way to eliminate that smell and stain from your pet’s floor, keep reading this article. You will learn all the methods you can try to clean black urine stains from your hardwood floors.

The First Step Is To Clean Hardwood Floors

The first step in cleaning black urine stains from your hardwood floor is using an absorbent cloth to wipe off the wet spot or puddle from your wooden floor.

Use the cloth and apply enough pressure on the wet area to absorb the liquid. If necessary, you can use many clothes to absorb the liquid from your wooden floor.

You can use chemical cleaners to eliminate bad odor and stains from your wood.

For the chemical options, you can choose the best one for your hardwood floor type.

If unsure, you can speak to a professional or research the best cleaning product on the internet. Some chemicals can prevent your pets from urinating on the cleaned spot.

How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Black Urine

Hydrogen Peroxide is a good example of a chemical product to eliminate your pet’s urine. It can clean animals’ urine odor and stains from your hardwood floor.

Using hydrogen peroxide is pretty easy. Pour 3% hydrogen peroxide product into a container and mix it with water.

The solution will produce a chemical cleaner that can clean odor and stains. Dip a wet cloth or rag on the container and use it to clean the area where the urine stain is.

Put the rag on the stain and leave it for some hours so the hydrogen peroxide can neutralize the odor and stain from your hardwood floor.

After that, take another clean cloth to clean the solution. After wiping off the spot, leave it to dry properly.

How To Use Baking Soda To Remove Black Urine From Your Hardwood Floors

Besides, using hydrogen peroxide can also remove stains and odor from your pet’s urine with baking soda.

This household ingredient is very common in the kitchen, and it has the power to absorb liquid on any surface easily. You can pour it into your pet litter box to dry out your pet’s urine.

Before baking soda, you must prepare steel wool with a fine grade level. After pouring the baking soda on the affected area, leave the powder until the stain and odor are no longer there.

Use the steel wool prepared to scrape the baking soda off the hardwood floor. Make sure to do this gently, and don’t rush it. Put the soiled baking soda on the trash can and use a tack cloth to dry the area.

Another way to clean up the urine is to combine baking soda with a stronger hydrogen peroxide liquid and dish soap. After using those three elements, you can wipe the urine off the floor using a soft cloth or rag.

Using Vinegar To Remove Black Urine Stains From Your Hardwood Floors

Another option to remove a pet’s urine stain and smell is using white vinegar. Vinegar can chemically neutralize ammonia from urine. The chemical from the vinegar is natural and doesn’t harm the environment.

Also, after you are done applying vinegar, you can use sandpaper to sand the hardwood floor and use a paintbrush to do some retouching on your wood surface.

This vinegar method is useful to repair small damage caused by your pet’s urine.

You can talk to a professional who knows about sandpaper if you think it is necessary. They will give solutions to you about how to prevent further damage.

In addition, use a coat sealing layer to lessen more damage. To purchase one, you can visit any hardwood store or department store.

For your information, some pet shops also sell odor cleaner products to eliminate urine bacteria on the floor.

When cleaning your pet’s urine stain, you have to remove the stain properly. If the floor is not cleaned properly and the odor remains, it may attract your pet to pee on that same spot again.

Clean the hardwood floors using water combined with soap and scrub them. By doing this, you can clean the urine from the floor easily.

Grapefruit Oil Can Remove Urine Stains Too

If you don’t have vinegar in your house, then don’t worry. You can use grapefruit oil in your kitchen as vinegar replacement.

Grapefruit is similar to vinegar in many ways, but it is slightly less effective in power. In addition, grapefruit is 100% safe for the environment since it doesn’t have a man-made chemical.

You only need to apply the grapefruit to the stain and wait 10 minutes for the oil to work. It is effective to eliminate odors. Grapefruit oil is also a good natural cleaner that has antibacterial compounds.

For the best result, mix grapefruit oil with vinegar and baking soda to boost the cleaning efficiency.

How To Use Wood Bleach To Clean Light Urine Stains

That stinky smell is probably the first side effect you notice from your pet’s urine. To get rid of it, you can use bleach.

It is very effective to eliminate light stains like animal urine. To get a better result, sand down the soiled area using sandpaper. Sanding the area will effectively help the bleach eliminate the blackest and hardest stains.

Train Your Pet To Prevent Further Peeing Accidents

Cleaning after your pets’ urine can be troublesome, especially if they repeatedly urinate on your floor. That’s why you need to train your pets to use a litter box to pee.

This is the most effective method to prevent your pets from peeing anywhere in your house where they shouldn’t.

Training your pets to use litter boxes inside takes time, but you can do it. Many online and YouTube tutorials guide you in training your pets.

Training your pets can go a long way to preventing your hardwood floors from staying clean from animal urine and poop.

When training your pet to use a litter box, ensure you provide rags nearby until your pet can use the litter box effectively.

If their urine falls on the floor, clean it up using a rag and cleaning solution as fast as possible to remove the traces and smells of urine from the floor.

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