Getting Wood Stain on Your Skin? Take a Look at The Best Ways to Remove Wood Stain from Hands

When you spend your time at home, you can do many things. One is to repair the furniture in your house by a restraining process.

This is usually done when you have free time because when you stain furniture, it requires a large space and takes a lot of your time.

In addition, when you stain your furniture, it will make your clothes and hands dirty due to exposure to staining.

Therefore, use gloves to avoid the wood stain you apply to the furniture. However, some people usually choose to paint directly without using any protection.

For those who prefer to stain your furniture with the second option, you must know some effective methods or ways to remove the wood stain that sticks to your hands.

As we know, the wood stain has a chemical material that is quite dangerous and unhealthy if your hands are not washed thoroughly.

However, removing wood stains certainly requires the right materials so that they can be effective in cleaning the wood stain.

You do not need expensive and hard-to-find materials to remove the wood stain. Those materials are easy to find at home, and their application is certainly not difficult.

Here are the best ways to remove wood stains using simple and easy materials.

Natural Oil

You can use many natural oils to remove the wood stain, such as olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil. These natural oils can help you crack the wood stain pigment.

This material also has a natural ingredient which is ideal for omitting oil stains from your hands. To apply the natural oil, you can apply it straight to the wood stain on your hands.

Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Clean the oil with a towel. You can scrub the left area residue with dish soap and water for 10 minutes until your hands are clean.

Do not forget to moisturize your hands with a lotion (it is optional, but it will be good if you do it).

White Vinegar

White Vinegar is a popular material for removing various stains, like stains on wood tables or wood stains on the hands.

Therefore, many people use white Vinegar as an alternative option. Besides, it can be found easily at home. Yet, if you have dry skin, you can not use white Vinegar because it will dry out your skin more.

You can apply the white Vinegar by dropping a few drops onto the wood stain. Leave it for a few moments before you rub the stain with a towel.

For the best result, you can add salt or scrubbing powder to omit the pigment of the wood stain. Clean the remaining wood stain by washing with water and soap.


Natural oil can remove the wood stain as well as oil in mayonnaise. You can find this material in your kitchen easily.

To apply the mayonnaise, take some mayo and pour it over the wood stain and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes for a reaction to peel off the wood stain.

You also can scrub it thoroughly and add additional scrubbing like salt or other scrubbing powder to remove the wood stain on your hands. Wash your hands when the stain disappears.

Peanut Butter

To remove the wood stain, you need material containing oil. Peanut butter also contains oil, as well as others. Before applying the peanut butter, make sure you wash your hands first.

You can put the peanut butter on the wood stain, then rub it gently until the stain peels off and your hands look clean. Clean the peanut butter residue with soap and wash it with water.

Make sure to rub it slowly because it will make your hands blister or dry.

Granulated Sugar

The basic material you can find at home is sugar. You can try to use granulated sugar to remove the wood stain. Just put some granulated sugar on the wood stain on your hands.

Then, rub it gently until the stain is gradually lifted. This method will moisten the dried stain, so the exfoliation process occurs.

Make-up Remover

Make-up remover can be used to remove the wood stain on your hands. You can apply it with a cotton swab, then rub it properly in a circular motion until the stain is gone.

You can clean it with soap and rinse it with water until the stain has faded.

Wet Wipes

Not everyone has wet wipes at home, but if you have one, you can probably use your wet wipes to remove the wood stain on your hands.

These wet wipes effectively remove the wood stain, especially for some wet wipes which contain alcohol. Those wet wipes will speed up the cleaning process.

You can directly apply the wet wipes by rubbing them on the wood stain until it is completely gone. It will be more effective for water-soluble wood stains because it can remove them faster.


The last material you can use to remove a wood stain is alcohol. This method is usually used for wood stains made from oil and dried attached to your hand.

You can wash your hands first and apply baby oil or other oils. Rub the affected skin with a small amount of alcohol until the stain lifts.

The recommended materials above certainly will be effective for different wood stain conditions on your hands.

You need to understand the type of wood stain that sticks to your hands, such as the length of time the stain is attached to your hands, the content of the wood paint used, and even the condition of your skin, whether your skin is dry or sensitive.

Besides, those things can help remove the stain effectively. They also help you to avoid the negative effect that you will get.

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