Small Oak Dining Table

How to Properly Maintain Your Small Oak Dining Table

One of the favorite woods for many people to be used as the main material for making furniture is oak wood. 

In fact, the people of America and Europe cultivate this tree so that it can be processed into various types of products. 

The oak tree can grow for hundreds of years. Its strong and hard characteristics are one of the reasons why many furniture sold are made of oak wood. In addition, this wood construction is very flexible.

Usually, you will find a wide variety of furniture made of oak wood. A small oak dining table is one of them. 

If you have a small oak dining table, then you also have to know how to take care of it so that the table is not easily damaged. Here are some things you can do to maintain your small oak dining table.

Always Clean Your Furniture

In maintaining your furniture, you have to make sure the furniture is always clean. Take a soft damp cloth with a flat surface, wipe it thoroughly over the entire surface, especially the tabletop. 

This applies to tables that are 100% finished, if your table is not entirely finished, you can clean it with wood oil. 

Avoid cleaning with other household cleaners as the substances in them can erode the table surface.

Place Them in An Open Space

If your small oak dining table is fresh from the oven, of course, it will have a strong odor that arises from the oiling process. Open your windows and doors to minimize the pungent smell.

Seal Your Oak Dining Table

Oak is a solid wood that can easily absorb dirt if you don’t sell it immediately. 

You can use a strong polyurethane or other types of oil coating to prevent this. Sealing can also give your small oak dining table a glossy finish.