Small Wooden Table

Spice Up Your Room with These Anti-mainstream Small Wooden Table

Have you ever felt that you already have so much furniture in your house, but the feeling of emptiness still surrounds your room? 

This may be a sign that you need other new furniture, but one that has a ‘strange’ design and shape. You can start with furniture like a small wooden table with anti-mainstream shapes.

Just like the name, the anti-mainstream small wooden table will provide a good type of ‘strange’ atmosphere to your room. 

Does that make you curious about these anti-mainstream small wooden table models? 

Worry no more, here are some recommendations for your own needs!

Small Wooden Table with Combination of Glass or Resin Epoxy

In modern times, a wooden table can be combined with basically anything. One of the materials that are often combined to produce an attractive wooden table is glass and clear epoxy resin. 

Usually, the additional material is placed on the surface only, so that a small wooden table is created with a different and unique appearance from the others. 

This wooden table is best paired with stainless wooden legs so that the industrial look is still there.

Small Wooden Table with Tree Legs

You can find a wooden table with stainless legs in any furniture store, but have you ever seen a tree trunk that is used as the legs of a table? 

This table will look like a literal tree. If you are interested, you can customize this table with a surface made of glass. Usually, the tree trunks used are taken from Merbau trees.

Floating Small Wooden Table

Do you want another recommendation for a strange-looking small wooden table? 

Relax, this table that looks as if it is floating will blow your mind. Although it looks simple and fragile, this table is just as strong as any table with legs. 

You can install this unique and efficient table by sticking it to the wall of your room.