Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture

How to Have Zero Damage on Your Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture

Oakwood is one of the many kinds of wood that is the favorite choice of furniture makers. 

The oak tree itself is able to grow in many parts of the world such as England, America, Germany, and Poland. 

In these countries, this tree is considered a symbol of capability and resilience. In terms of texture, this wood slab of oak has a high strength level.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of furniture such as wardrobes and bedroom furniture are made of oak wood. 

Especially for bedroom furniture, although it is strong and durable, of course, you have to keep your furniture from being damaged. 

This article will give you some tips on how to avoid your solid oak bedroom furniture from damage.

Avoid from Direct Contact with Sun

Never put your solid oak bedroom furniture in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight. This will result in furniture fading and dryness which is very difficult to repair.

Always Keep It Dry

If you see a little water spilled on your solid oak bedroom furniture, you should dry it off immediately. 

The nature of oak wood which is easy to absorb water will make it porous quickly and cause stains that are difficult to disappear.

Move The Furniture Carefully

In rearranging the layout of your solid oak bedroom furniture, you must place it carefully. 

You can lift or push them slowly using sliders. Never move your furniture by dragging it.

Protect the Finishing

Don’t let your solid oak bedroom furniture be exposed to colored liquid like coffee, wine, or tea which can change its original color. 

Avoid placing hot objects such as hot plates or bowls on top of the furniture, always use a thick base so that your furniture is protected.