Solid Wood Bookshelf

Several Designs of Solid Wood Bookshelf for Your House

A solid wood bookshelf can be a nice choice to be placed in the living room or study room. 

You can also put it in your bedroom so you can put some books on it. There are many materials that can be used alongside solid wood, such as metal, steel, etc.

Designs of Solid Wood Bookshelf

Different designs of bookshelf will give different looks to your room. Here are some choices for you:

1. Industrial Style Bookcase

This kind of bookshelf can be made from solid mango wood. With iron strips on each corner of the bookshelf, it gives the industrial look. 

You can also put the rolling wheels at each corner of the bottom to make it easier to move around.

2. Rustic Style Solid Wood Bookshelf

For this kind of bookshelf, you can use solid mango wood. You can also make four shelves and a top to complete the design. 

Furnish it with dark brown color to give the classic look. Some metal can be added on each corner and the bottom part to give more strength to the bookshelf.

3. 5 Tier Industrial Rustic Vintage

You can use solid wood for the bookcase and use metal for other parts. 

To point out the vintage look, you do not have to furnish the wood. You just need to polish the surface and paint the metal with soft color.

4. Modern Wall Shelf

Use solid wood to make your wall shelf. You can hang it on the wall in your study room to store more books. Make it 2 tiers with a top to create more space.

Besides using metal and solid wood combinations, you can be creative with your own bookshelf by adding more materials, like resin and steel. 

Just make sure to match your solid wood bookshelf with the theme of the room to make it look beautiful.