Solid Wood Dining Table

Some Ideas for Your Solid Wood Dining Table

Having solid wood for your dining table can be nice when you know how to combine several materials, like metal, steel, wood slabs, etc. The different combinations can make a distinct look that is perfect for your dining room.

An extendable dining table is not only practical if you often have visitors. A solid wood dining table can also be made smaller to give you a little more living space.

Are you looking for a small dining table for everyday use that can be extended for guests? Or are you looking for a huge table where you can eat, study and tinker? Or a table that should serve as a dining table as well as a work table?

Large, small, and extendable solid wood dining table made to measure with ample options with our straight, square, elliptical, round, and oval tables.

The dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. They are large, have a practical function, and can make a great statement.

That is why it is so essential to choose your dining table carefully.

solid wood dining table

The trendy dining tables

You don’t buy a dining table every year. It can be quite an expense, and in addition, with a new dining table, you may also want other chairs, which makes the cost even higher.

So if you are going to buy a dining table, it is important to orient yourself well. Read about the latest trends and see the possibilities for the space where you want to place this table.

Use of natural materials

Natural materials were evergreen. We also see this frequently in dining table trends. Tree trunk tables and timeless solid wood tables with straight legs fit perfectly within this living trend.

Trunk tables, in particular, have become extremely popular in recent years. No wonder because these tables give every living and dining room the perfect finishing touch.

No table that you see in everyone’s house, no mass production or fancy materials. No, the simplicity of craftsmanship shines through in this design.

These types of dining tables fit perfectly with current living trends. Whether you enjoy a Scandinavian or an industrial interior, a wooden dining table is a remarkable asset.

solid dining table

Sleek and light dining room tables

The modern interior has been number one in the list of living trends for years. The significant advantage of a modern interior is that you can go in all directions with it.

Whether you opt for a wooden dining table or a sleek design, everything is possible.

Do you want a light dining room table to break through the somewhat dark colors in your interior?

No problem, light dining room tables will be trendy again? Preferably choose a white finished wooden table.

Ideas for Solid Wood Dining Table

Here are some ideas to have for your solid wood dining table:

1. Vintage Clean Design

The vintage look can be obtained by choosing furnished solid wood for the top of the table. For the table’s legs, you can choose metal or steel, but place them in the middle of the table to create a nice look. 

You will not be able to see the legs of the table from afar, yet you will notice it when you sit behind the table.

2. Massive Wood Dining Table

Make it massive or extensive for your dining table by using a wood slab. You can make use of the natural pattern from the solid wood to make the table. 

For the legs, cross two metals for each left and right side of the table. They will make great legs for this kind of tabletop.

3. Natural Finishing Solid Wood Dining Table

There is no need for other materials like metal and steel, and only wood for this kind of table. The legs can be made very simple at the right and left sides of the table. 

You can put wood slabs for the legs to keep the original look of the solid wood.

To make your solid wood dining table last forever, you can furnish it. It gives a clean look as well as protects the table. 

When there is some spill on the table, make sure to clean it right away so it won’t leave a bad mark on your dining table. Use a wet cloth to clean the dining table to get rid of dust and dirt.