Solid Wood Office Desk

The Best Materials for Solid Wood Office Desk

Almost everyone needs an office desk for any purposes, such as for writing, working, computer or laptop, and many others. 

One of the most popular office desks today is a solid wood office desk.  It is because solid wood has good durability and natural beauty. 

The natural beauty comes from the color of the wood grain, which ranges from light to dark. 

The color depends on the type of wood that you choose. Here are the best types of materials for solid wood office desks.

1. Cherry Wood

The first solid wood is cherry. Most of the desks are made from cherry wood because of the durability and the natural grains, which are red and brown colors. 

It is a perfect idea for you who want to have an office desk with natural grain colors. 

2. Maple

The second material is maple wood. It is very well-known for its awesome fibers and it has a combination of red and brown colors. 

The maple wood is also strong so that the desk does not need additional support. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for you who want to have a strong and stunning office desk. 

3. Oak

Oak is also one of the best solid woods for office desks. It has excellent durability and natural beauty. 

Besides, it has good shock and weight resistance. It is suitable for a solid wood office desk that carries many kinds of stuff on it. 

Moreover, since it has excellent durability, you can keep the desk for many years and even pass it to the next generation. For these reasons, the price is not a matter. 

4. Pine

Pine is also good for office desks and more affordable than oak. 

However, an office desk made from pine can not stand as long as an oak, but it is still strong enough for an office desk. Particularly, it is an ideal choice for rustic or farmhouse home decor. 

In sum, those are the list of solid wood office desk materials that you can choose. 

You can choose one of the materials that are suitable for your needs and your home decor.