Stackable Dining Chairs

The List of Elegant Stackable Dining Chairs to Color Your Dining Room

A stackable dining chair is easy to carry and it is designed to save space. 

Here are the lists of a stackable dining chair to complement your dining room decoration as well as to function as a comfy chair for your dining activity.

Henri Tolix Stackable Steel Dining Chairs

This stackable dining chair brings back the 1930s vibe to your dining room. This chair is inspired by the original design of the French Tolix bistro. 

The chair is constructed from steel and it is coated with a powder of gunmetal. 

Meanwhile, the seat is designed from bamboo wood to offer integration of traditional and modern touch.

These stackable dining chairs are a perfect choice for home use as well as commercial use. These Henri chairs are built in China and it comes fully assembled. 

This dining chair weight is 11.9 pounds and it can hold stacked chairs with a weight of up to 250 pounds.

Comstock Bonded Leather Brown Dining Chair

This leather brown-stacked dining chair will satisfy your needs for a good dining chair and entertainment. 

This chair is elegant and stylish and it is stackable so you can use this chair when you want to have fun and after you are done you can stack the chair to save space. 

These stackable dining chairs are so classy and it is suitable for everyday use. 

You don’t need to put these chairs away after the dinner or party is over because it’s just looking good and has a classic touch for everyone to see.

Your guest surely will love and appreciate these elegant stackable dining chairs. The materials which are used to build the chair frame are made of iron and solid wood. 

The materials to build the legs are made of metal. The weight for this chair is 12 pounds and it is available in 4 pieces. If you want to stack these chairs they can handle weight for up to 250 pounds. 

The best thing about this chair is that you don’t need to assemble it. You can just purchase and use it right away.