How To Stain Furniture That Is Already Stained

Why Would You Want To Stain Furniture That Is Already Stained?

There may be many reasons someone wants to stain already stained furniture. One of the reasons may be that you are bored of the current furniture and want to rejuvenate it by re-staining it if your furniture looks bland.

You might want to try to stain them with a different color. Thus, you can enjoy the new fresh stained furniture.

You might consider hiring professionals to get the job done, but you don’t have to! In this article, you will learn how to stain furniture that is already stained using the DIY method.

Follow the easy steps mentioned below, and your furniture will have a different great stain.

There are five steps you should follow to stain furniture that is already stained. Those steps are:

  • The First Step: check your furniture to see if it is sealed.
  • The Second Step: if the sealer exists, you need to sand the sealer off.
  • The Third Step: apply a new stain to your furniture.
  • The Fourth Step: let the stain dries using the right method.
  • The Final Step: seal up your furniture.

Now, it’s time to do those above steps one by one. Here are the complete instructions:

Check Whether The Furniture Is Already Sealed

Most of the time, if the wood is already stained, it is also usually sealed to protect the surface from damage when it is exposed to debris and moisture.

If you were the one who stained your wooden surface, then the answer is already known to you.

However, if you acquire the furniture from a store and you are not sure if it is already sealed or not, you can do a simple trick to figure it out.

The simple trick is this: run your finger on the surface of your furniture and feel the surface. You can also use a flashlight and shine a light on the surface and observe whether the surface is shiny.

If your furniture feels smooth to the touch and shiny, it has been sealed.

It is important to know that all furniture will appear shiny at first until you carefully observe it. This usually happens when non-glossy stains are used.

Make sure you check carefully to notice if the furniture has been sealed. This is important because if you don’t remove the seal, it is no use to re-stain your furniture since the stain won’t stick on your wooden surface.

The Next Step Is To Sand The Sealer If It Exists

There is a very small possibility that your furniture might not be sealed. However, it is very common to seal off furniture to protect it. Even if you purchased it from a thrift store, it is highly likely to be sealed.

But despite that, you need to scrape off the seal on your furniture before you do the re-staining job. You need a wood sander to get the job done.

You can buy a cheap and easy-to-operate wood sander for someone who has just started working wood. You can get this kind of wood sander from Black and Decker.

Once you have purchased your sander, it is crucial to wear a glove and eyeglass to be safe. Take the sander and use your hand to scrap around your furniture surface.

Do this gently and consistently and ensure that while scrapping the surface, you apply light pressure on it.

After sanding, give your surface a fine finish by applying a sanding sponge. For a fine finish, get a sanding sponge with 220 grit.

Choose a sponge with lower grit if you want light sanding. Any grit level of 120 and below is enough to complete the job.

The Third Step Is To Re-stain Your Furniture

Finally, you have come to this fun part, which is the re-staining part! At this point, you will stain your furniture to bring its vibrancy back.

Before starting the staining work, you must put your furniture outside first. Then, get some paintbrushes and the stain and start working.

And for the paintbrushes, it is not necessary to buy an expensive brush. This is because, besides saving money, it can be hard to clean up all the grease on the brush after using it to paint with a stain.

Thus, using an inexpensive disposable brush is a good idea.

And you also need to buy a tarp. You will lay the tarp on the floor to protect the floor from spillage. Tarps are pretty affordable to buy, and you can use them repeatedly.

You must not use a trash bag since it will stick to your furniture when the stain dries. Moreover, when you remove the trash bags. Some of your furniture stains may come off.

After you satisfy all the conditions above, you can start staining your furniture. During the staining process, make sure you stir the can. This will make the stain always have the same even color.

Dry Your Furniture Properly

You need to dry your furniture after re-staining using the correct way because if you leave your furniture without guarding it properly, it might damage the final result.

Natural elements such as wind or rain can affect the appearance and texture of your stain in a bad way.

If the wind blows on your furniture, it might lead the color to become dull. This is because dust and other small particles damage the surface. That’s why it is crucial to dry your furniture the right way.

Protect Your Furniture By Sealing It Up

Using a sealer for furniture is very important to protect your wood piece from damage. Many elements can ruin your furniture instantly, such as fire, water or scratches from humans and pets, and other damages.

What Types Of Sealers To Use On Your Furniture?

There are various sealer types you can choose. A white wax sealer is a good choice for a rustic farmhouse appearance.

Use a clear sealer if you prefer to let the original beauty and color from the stain. Apply a clear sealer to your surface and give it adequate time to dry; your wood piece is now protected.

If your furniture is small and doesn’t need much sealer, you can choose a spray-on clear sealer. This spray sealer type can dry faster than the paint-type counterpart.

Few Tips To Know When You Stain Furniture That Is Already Stained

  • You can mix two colors of stain if you want to get a new custom stain.
  • The stain will work great if you use a dark stain over a lighter one.
  • You should test the stain on a small part of your furniture before you stain the whole area to ensure you are satisfied with the result.
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