Table Tops Furniture

Easy Pick of Custom Order Table Tops Furniture from Bali

Did you know that Bali furniture is well known throughout the world? The best furniture is manufactured on this enchanted island of Bali through the hands of a carpenter and is crafted artistically and uniquely. 

In addition, furniture can be ordered and customized as desired. There are several kinds of furniture choices that can be one of your favorites. Check out the following reviews below.

Custom design table tops furniture from Bali

Furniture from Bali, apart from being of very high quality and made of selected wood, is furniture that is produced on the island of Bali from the skilled hands of an experienced carpenter who is an expert in his field. 

No wonder this type of wooden furniture has always been the target of many people, both domestic and foreign buyers.

One thing that is more interesting about Balinese furniture is that almost all furniture can be customized and ordered according to your wishes. You will be very satisfied with buying table tops furniture products from Bali. 

Furniture from Bali is a furniture product made of selected wood and has luxurious artistic value and is very popular, especially when Indonesia was in the colonial period before Indonesia’s independence.

This furniture is a luxury item that is one of the collections by the royal family and until now this furniture is growing rapidly and is in demand by many people, making classy furniture with high quality that is only found in Bali, and in several areas in Indonesia.

Where to buy table tops furniture in Bali

You can get all types of furniture made of various kinds of quality wood and carvings that contain artistic value and beauty so that you can easily combine other furniture, which will decorate the interior of your home. 

We are one of manufacturers in Bali that produces types of table tops furniture that can be ordered and customized.

We are a furniture manufacturer that located in Bali and produces furniture on a large scale, making it easier for you to choose one of them. 

What if the available furniture is not the same with what you want? Don’t worry, you can consult with us, we will make the furniture exactly what you want. 

Of course, you can see all the furniture collections and inspiration design in our website.

Where to buy in US

Are you in America and want to get these furniture products? Yes, you can get the furniture that suits you. 

Various kinds of table tops furniture can be found both in the USA and in other countries such as Russia, France, Germany and other countries in this furniture sales distribution network.

You can also buy Balinese furniture from the country where you are. With shipments packed safely and all the documents you need handled professionally. 

Several sourcing agents will help to simplify the process, starting from selecting the product details in the catalog, the size to be adjusted, the wood material you want, and calculating the total cost you have to spend until the furniture you want is received at your door.

Indonesia Trading is a buying agent based in Bali, consisting of a dedicated team of professionals from France, Germany, Russia and Indonesia. 

We have more than 15 years of experience working on international commercial and private projects. We are a one-stop solution for making your project successful, regardless of type or size. 

Furthermore, some sourcing agents accept custom without a minimum order. It’s really easy, right?

Table tops furniture with solid suar wood slab

Suar wood is actually a tree that grows in South America, Albizzia Saman which is one of the variants of wood in Indonesia and is used as the main material for producing furniture.

Historically, this tree was introduced by the Portuguese colonizers as a result of plantation trees and spread throughout the region and grows naturally which until now is used as a wooden plate for furniture products.

Furniture with table settings can be adjusted according to the size and final result, for example the settings are made and customized semi-finished, or have gone through a refinement process. 

So, in this process it can be customized according to your wishes. If you want a table tops furniture with a natural finish, that’s fine. 

In general, this table top is made of selected and high-quality teak wood slabs which have the characteristics of suar wood and look so stunning.

Table tops furniture with solid teak wood slab

This is one type of table that is a favorite for many people, a collection of Balinese furniture that really amazes many people, and which is produced from the island of Bali.

A table tops furniture made of solid wood slabs from a tropical tree which is very hard and durable, has its own uniqueness. 

Apart from that, this table top in the form of a solid sheet of tropical teak wood is further coated with polyurethane of the perfect quality which makes this table top one of the works of art from the skilled hands of a carpenter to fulfill the needs of a functional art.

More than that, this type of table tops can also be placed inside or outside the room with a little cover. 

This will be one of your preferred choice of furniture collection in your properties. 

More importantly, this kind of table tops with solid teak wood slab will last for any good as it is physically strong and gallant.

Table tops with resin epoxy and solid wood

There is no doubt that wooden furniture always looks beautiful and elegant, and is durable. 

It will give it a very classy aesthetic and appearance even if it is placed anywhere in the room in your home. Nothing beats the luxury and budget-friendly feel of this wood furniture.

This wood furniture top table can be coated with paint that matches the character of the wood itself, it will look shiny and look fresh. 

Epoxy resin is furniture attribute that can restore the aesthetics of your chosen furniture because epoxy resin is able to give a shining and bright crystal effect to wooden table tops.

If you have wooden furniture with several defects, epoxy resin is the only thing that can restore the beauty of your table tops furniture. Epoxy resin can give a brighter, crystal look to any wood item.