Teak Outdoor Furniture That Should (And Shouldn’t) Be Present In Your House

The teakwoods (or “teaks”) are some of the oldest and strongest woods with versatile uses for the houses’ furniture.

They are popular in the furniture inside a house and become great additions to your houses’ outdoor furniture. 

As outdoor furniture, we often find the teakwood materials applied on the tables. However, it’s not impossible to have other teak outdoor furniture, such as wardrobes and bookshelves.

Guest tables and dining tables are two of the most common tables to have teakwoods as their materials. When having teakwoods as the main wooden materials, guest tables often come with long rectangular designs with strong, sturdy, thick, and curvy legs.

This happens because guest tables with teakwood materials are meant to hold more than two or three trays of hospitality items, such as complete tea or coffee sets. 

Another thing that is also important to know is that guest tables with teakwood materials often use older woods, so the strong, sturdy images will strengthen.

The same long rectangular design can also be applied to the dining tables. 

The difference is that if you want to accentuate the earthiness and closeness to nature and add lots of plants in your house’s outdoor rooms, you can opt for some wood slabs and make different shapes, such as circular shapes, out of the wooden materials.

The outdoor rooms can contain other furnitures and amenities on some occasions. 

Due to teakwood materials’ strong, sturdy, and earthy nature, it is not uncommon to have large-sized wardrobes with more than one door as teak outdoor furniture. 

Even thin-bordered but high-tiered outdoor bookshelves can be made of teakwood and still become attractive additions to your house’s outdoor settings.

The only types of furnitures where teakwoods can’t be applied are the chairs. Just as metal or steel chairs on outdoor rooms, these chairs will make it as if your outdoor settings are too old-styled.

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