Teak Wood Dining Table

The Ideal Teak Wood Dining Table Designs
(And The Plant Decorations Around Them)

In general, the teak wood dining tables give an impression of earthy dining tables close to nature. 

That’s why we don’t find such dining tables inside the houses. Instead, they are more frequent in outdoor home settings.

Teak wood dining tables don’t necessarily come in the usual rectangular shapes regardless of how long or short their sizes are. Instead, the dining tables’ shapes can be molded to the wood slabs with many curves to add closeness to nature. 

Dining tables with teakwood materials in the wood slab forms can be long or short, depending on the sizes of the outdoor dining rooms.

Generally, the longer table slabs are for more spacious outdoor dining settings with open roof spaces. On the other hand, the shorter table slabs are for minimalistic outdoor dining settings that can have either open or semi-closed spaces.

Light brown or red-brown teakwoods are common to be found in teak wood dining tables. As the main materials of the dining tables, the teakwoods often come with single solid wood color. 

Even though there can be more than one dining table in the outdoor dining room settings, the solid wood colors remain the same for each dining table.

Borders are usually thin in these types of dining tables. Red-brown are the most common wooden colors for the dining tables’ borders made from teakwoods unless the basic colors of the dining tables also involve red-brown wood colors to some extent.

Decoration-wise, the longer slabs of the dining tables are suitable with many plants around them. Green plants with bigger or wider leaves and thin-sized stems are common for hanging decorations.

On the other hand, there can only be two or three potted plants near the dining tables with shorter-sized slabs. We recommend having smaller-sized potted plants, so your way to the dining tables won’t be disturbed.