The Teak Wood Furniture That Should Be Present Inside Your House's Rooms

As with other furnitures with wooden materials, teak wood furniture’ variations are not limited to dining tables or those in the outdoor room settings. 

Since all houses include the indoor and outdoor sides of the rooms, and teakwoods are versatile woods as well, furnitures made from teakwoods are also common to be found inside the house’s rooms.

Wardrobes are not only for the outdoor settings of the rooms. In fact, they can be applied to the bedrooms as well. Sometimes, there are more than one wardrobes in a living room.

Still, wardrobes remain some of the best furnitures to be applied with teakwood materials. Since teakwoods’ main characteristics are strong and sturdy, the wardrobes should be tall, wide, and thick, as well as having more than one door.

You can use darker teakwood colors for your wardrobes to accentuate the vintage vibes to your bedrooms or your living rooms. 

You can even add tall and ornate mirrors on your wardrobes to strengthen the vibes, especially if your bedroom and living room spaces are wide.

Drawers and dressers are some other teak wood furnitures that are exclusively for bedroom settings. 

Like the wardrobes, the teakwood drawers and dressers can have darker solid wood colors without any other color combinations. 

This especially applies when you want to accentuate the industrial vintage feels of your bedrooms.

Else, it’s not impossible for teakwood drawers and dressers to have lighter colors of teakwoods. 

At the same time, lighter-colored teakwood drawers are more common than those of the dressers, especially when the drawers are placed inside the wardrobes or on below the wardrobes, to compliment the darker-colored drawers, if there are any.

Even though it’s rare because of the average price, we can also find solid wood-colored teakwood bed frames for some industrial vintage-themed bedrooms. 

Such bed frames give the impression that strong and sturdy “legs accompany the beds.”