Makeover with tile stickers in your kitchen or bathroom

A budget makeover with tile stickers in your kitchen or bathroom!

Want to give your kitchen a makeover on a small budget? Tile stickers are the answer.

This is completely changing the room’s look, while it costs you little effort and little money.

What else do you want? You can read everything about tile stickers in this article.

What exactly are tile stickers?

Tile stickers are simply stickers that you can stick on tiles. They are not small stickers that you stick somewhere on a tile, and they are intended to cover the entire tile.

They are therefore available in all standard tile sizes. The range is also extensive in terms of colors and designs. Are you tired of the stickers? Then you can remove them again.

Are all stickers suitable?

If you are looking for lovely tile stickers, you must choose stickers intended for this. Regular stickers will not stay beautiful for long and are also not easy to clean. You can remove tile stickers with soapy water.

Good tile stickers have an adhesive layer that is extra strong. There is a protective layer on the front that protects the print of the sticker and keeps it beautiful.

This is very important because this layer ensures that the stickers can withstand moisture, which is excellent if you want to use them in the bathroom.

Tile stickers in a rental apartment

Tile stickers are ideal in a rental apartment. After all, if you rent, you are not allowed to change the tiles in the house.

And if it were allowed, it remains to be seen whether you are waiting for costs and work that this entails.

Tile stickers are the ideal solution. For example, change tiles that are not to your taste or make the room more personal.

Tile stickers for the kitchen

Tile stickers are most commonly used in the kitchen and bathroom. After all, we usually have wall tiles there.

If you didn’t like your tiles in the kitchen or feel like a change or some more color, you can get started with tile stickers.

Are you going to stick tile stickers on the tile wall behind your hob? Then it is crucial to choose strong quality. You can read our article about kitchen back wall materials.

They get dirty quickly in this place, and you will therefore have to clean them often. Moisture should also not be a problem for the stickers, as they will be regularly wet-steamed during cooking.

Did you know that you can also cover the stairs with tile stickers? 

Tile stickers for the bathroom

The second room in the house where tile stickers are trendy is the bathroom. Here too, it is essential to go for strong stickers in connection with moisture and steam.

Most bathrooms don’t have that much atmosphere. They are often a bit cold and impersonal. Tile stickers are ideal for changing this.

You can easily add some color or a cheerful print. Please use the same colors in your bathroom accessories.

For example, think of the bath mat, the shower curtain, and the soap dispenser. Or other lovely decorations such as plants (they indeed belong in the bathroom!), candles, or a beautiful basket.

Tile stickers in the toilet

The same goes for the toilet. Often a bit cold, dull and impersonal. So get started with tile stickers! The nice thing about the bathroom is that it is easier to take a little more risk here.

Because it is a small space, people are quick to go for more daring stickers than in the kitchen or bathroom. For example, think of cheerful colors or busier designs.

However, don’t make it too busy, especially if your toilet is already tiny. Then the space can seem even smaller.

Tile stickers in other rooms

Of course, you can also use tile stickers in other rooms, such as the utility room or hallway. Simply everywhere, you have tiles on the walls.

Would you like to create a beautiful tiled wall in a room where you don’t have tiles on the wall? Then you can choose wallpaper.

Tile stickers are not a good solution for this. But do not be sad! There is beautiful wallpaper with a tile look.

Whole wall or accents?

In whichever room you are going to work with tile stickers, you have the choice to provide the entire tile wall with stickers or to use the tile stickers only as an accent, and this is a personal choice.

A sticker border is a good idea; this is certainly enough to give the room a completely different look and gentle on your wallet.

It can be very nice to only provide the tiles above the sink with tile stickers in the bathroom. Or a nice edge on the tiles in the shower.

In the kitchen, a border of stickers above the counter is very nice. A sticker here and there is also possible if you like a playful effect.

You might want to read our article about tile in the kitchen.

Plain or design

Another choice you have to make is whether you go for plain tile stickers or stickers with a design. The selection is extensive, so you will always find something that suits your taste.

You can give your space a modern look or create a retro atmosphere. Tile stickers with a Portuguese or Arabic style design are very popular.

Or how about beautiful old Dutch tile stickers in blue and white? Or a chic marble print? Tile stickers with a mosaic look also look great in many rooms.

Do you want to give your space a relaxed and more natural look? Then tile stickers with a stone look are perfect. It should be clear: there is plenty of choices!

3D tile stickers

Do you want to give your tile wall that little bit extra? Then take a look at 3D tile stickers.

These are great if you’re going to create the illusion of a mosaic tile wall or other smaller tiles. This gives your space a nice luxurious look.

Measure properly

Before purchasing the tiles, it is essential to measure your tiles accurately. This way, you can be sure that you order exactly the right size.

Do you have tiles that have different sizes? Then you can cut the tile stickers to size.

Static or adhesive-backed stickers

You can choose from stickers with an adhesive layer or static stickers. The advantage of static stickers is that they are easier to remove. However, stickers with an adhesive layer generally stick a little better.

Do you want to apply the stickers close to a heat source? Then go for stickers with an adhesive layer. Static stickers can come off due to the heat.

In the bathroom, it quickly becomes too hot for these stickers.

Applying tile stickers step-by-step

Be careful when applying the tile stickers. You want them to stick well and sit neatly straight. This is, therefore, not a job to be done in a hurry!

There are two methods when applying tile stickers. Wet and dry. With the wet method, you apply static stickers. For stickers with an adhesive layer, use the dry method.

Always check the packaging of the stickers for instructions. If these deviate from our step-by-step plan, it is best to follow the instructions on the packaging.

How to paste tile stickers

With both types of stickers, it is crucial to clean the tiles thoroughly. Otherwise, you run the risk that the sticker will not stick properly.

They must be free of dust, grease, dirt, lime, and silicone. In the case of limescale, it is recommended to use a good limescale cleaner.

Apply tile stickers dry method

Make sure the tiles are completely dry after cleaning.

Remove the carrier film from a tile sticker.

Make sure you keep the sticker in precisely the correct position. Once you paste it, you cannot reposition it. So take your time here.

Stick the sticker on the tile. Press the sticker firmly with a soft cloth. You can also use an application help.

Applying tile stickers wet method

After you have thoroughly cleaned and dry the tiles, moisten them again. This is best done with a spray bottle.

A plant sprayer is ideal. Fill this syringe with 1 liter of water and 1 to 3 drops of dishwashing liquid.

Spray a tile wet and then stick the sticker on it.

If necessary, slide the sticker until it fits perfectly.

Wipe off the excess water.

Allow drying for at least 1 to 3 hours.

Cleaning tile stickers

You can clean tile stickers with soapy water and an all-purpose cleaner. It is better to avoid caustic cleaning agents, and abrasives pads are not a good idea.

Use a soft cloth and rub from the center of the decal to the outside. This prevents you from scratching the edges lose or damaging the edges.

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