Timber Outdoor Furniture

The Types Of Woods Suitable For Timber Outdoor Furnitures That Should Be Present In Your Houses

In general, timber woods are the types of woods that are usually coming to the wood slabs or long block forms and don’t have barks like lumbers or felled trees. 

Timber woods, as with other wooden materials, are common to be found in the houses’ furniture to make them appear closer to nature and gives the rooms earthy vibes.

Due to the earthy smells of the timber woods, the closeness to nature that they offer, and the common wood slabs forms they come into, furniture that is made from timber woods is more common to be found in the outdoor room settings. 

Timber woods can either be hard or softwoods, depending on the furniture where the timber woods are applied.

The teakwoods are among the most popular timber woods to be used for furnitures. 

Timber outdoor furniture that is made from teakwoods tends to be some of the hardest hardwoods even for outdoor rooms’ furniture.

This makes furniture from timber teakwoods unsuitable to be applied for any chair categories but instead suitable for having and maintaining strong and sturdy tables, including but not limited to outdoor dining tables.

In terms of hardwoods, ironbark and Merbau can also be teakwoods’ substitutes in applying timbers to the outdoor furniture. 

As timber outdoor furniture, ironbarks can be applied to the coffee tables or the dining tables. 

Merbau, on the other hand, makes great coffee tables that can contain more than one complete tea set for the guests.