Types of outdoor furniture by design

Different types of outdoor furniture by design

In a garden, there are many different types of outdoor furniture. That is why you should first think about what kind of furniture you want to make when you plan to make garden furniture yourself.

That is why I now want to discuss all the different types of garden furniture below. I hope it will make it easier to think about what kind of garden furniture you would prefer to make yourself.

Garden furniture is also furniture that is suitable for use in the garden. This means that this furniture can withstand outdoor conditions better than “normal” furniture pieces used indoors. also read different materials for garden furniture.

Lounge sofa

A good example of a piece of garden furniture is a lounge sofa. Many lounge sofas are suitable for use in the garden. It is also very nice to have a lounge sofa in the garden. A lounge sofa is a large sofa with a corner in it.

You can, therefore, also lie on a lounge sofa with your legs stretched out. As a result, a lounge sofa also enables you to enjoy “lounging” in the garden. That is why it is also delightful to have a lounge sofa in your garden.

When you have a lounge sofa in your garden, you have a place in your garden where you can relax. There are therefore many people who would like to have a lounge sofa in the garden.


A garden chair is also a good example of a piece of furniture for the garden. You can use a garden chair very well to sit comfortably in your garden.

A garden chair can also be very useful, for example, if you also have a table in the garden. You can then use this garden chair for sitting at this table.

That is why garden chairs come in handy in every garden. Especially if you have a garden with a table, even if you don’t have a table in your garden, a garden chair can still come in handy.

Corner sofa

As you have just read, lounge sofas have a corner. However, corner sofas (of course) always have a corner.

However, the difference between a corner sofa and a lounge sofa is that a corner sofa has a backrest on both sides of this sofa, while a lounge sofa only has a backrest on one side.

Lounge sofas are therefore also intended for stretching out, while corner sofas are mainly intended for upright sitting. In principle, however, a corner sofa can also be used as a lounge sofa.

However, a corner sofa has larger backrests than a lounge sofa. That is why corner sofas are intended for use by several people when you compare this with a lounge sofa.

Deck chair or Sun loungers

A sun lounger is also a piece of furniture that can be perfectly used in a garden. You can relax in a garden on a sun lounger.

Sun loungers are made in such a way that you can use these chairs to stretch out fully. That is why these chairs are also very suitable for lying in the sun and relaxing in a garden.

Most sun loungers are also suitable for one person. Furthermore, most sun loungers can also be (partially) adjusted. As a result, these chairs offer optimum comfort.

Garden bench

You can also use a garden bench in the garden. These types of benches are made explicitly for use in the open air. Garden benches can also be used as comfortable seating areas in a garden.

A garden bench often offers seating for two or three different (adult) people. Most garden benches are also straight benches that are equipped with a backrest and armrests.

However, there are also garden benches without armrests. Garden benches also come in very different sizes. So, there are many kinds of garden benches.

This is very nice because there is a suitable garden bench for almost everyone! That is why many people place a garden bench in their garden.

Garden tables

Many different types of tables are suitable for outdoor use. An example of this is picnic tables.

Picnic tables are tables that already have a seating area. If you have a picnic table, you do not necessarily need extra chairs.

Many “loose” garden tables are also sold that are not equipped with seats. When you buy such a table, you still need extra chairs to sit at this table.

There are a lot of different types of garden tables. For example, there are garden tables in many different sizes. As a result, there is a suitable type of garden table for every garden.

Rocking chair

A rocking chair is also a piece of furniture that you can use in a garden. You can relax very well in a rocking chair. Incidentally, various rocking chairs are made that can also be used outside (in a garden).

A rocking chair often works best on a hard surface. Therefore, these types of chairs are also suitable for gardens where you have a hard surface (for example, in the form of tiling).

Rocking chairs are, by the way, not equipped with normal legs. This allows these chairs to be used to rock back and forth quietly.

That is why these chairs are also ideal to use to relax while sitting in your garden. You can sit back comfortably in these chairs.

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