Types Of Wood And Their Best Uses

Different Types Of Wood And Their Best Uses

Are you looking for different types of wood and their best uses? This article will break down every single type of wood and its best uses so that you know which one to choose for your project!

1. Rosewood

Rosewood is the best type of wood for woodworking. This type of wood has a characteristic sharp and distinctive wood aroma and its fibers are clearly visible and are not easily opened.

Another advantage of rosewood is its very natural and beautiful color with a brownish-red color. This wood has a very elegant character and is often used to make classy furniture.

Although it has advantages when it becomes furniture, this wood requires special expertise in its processing. You cannot process this wood if you are still at a beginner level in woodworking. 

There are several things that must be considered, including the moisture of the wood during processing and also the use of a special liquid that can temporarily soften the wood so that it is easy to process.

Rosewood is widely used for furniture that requires great strength such as mattresses, cabinets, and also some main tables in homes.

2. Mahogany wood

Mahogany is right under Rosewood. Yes, it means that mahogany wood is second-class wood which also has the same advantages as rosewood. However, the difference in mahogany is that the aroma is not too strong when compared to Rosewood.

Mahogany, the same as rosewood, already has a good color so it doesn’t need painting to get a color that matches the natural concept. The dark brown color can describe well the natural concept you want to create in an interior.

For processing, mahogany is also almost the same as rosewood in terms of complexity. You have to make sure the wood is in a slightly damp condition and you even need to use a special oil to coat the wood during the processing process.

When the wood is completely dry, the processing is almost impossible. So, it is very important to keep you moist during processing. This is what makes mahogany less suitable for beginner class woodworking.

The use of mahogany wood is very broad, covering several interiors. However, in general, this wood is used for furnitures that require strength and durability such as house doors and large chairs.

3. Butternut

Butternut is the type of wood most often used for various outdoor purposes. Unlike rosewood or mahogany which are prone to mold and also rot when exposed to extreme weather, butternuts are especially suitable when used outdoors.

Butternut is characterized by a layer of oil in each layer. This layer prevents water inserts from entering the wood network which can later damage the wood from the inside. In addition, butternut also has a more elastic texture so it doesn’t break easily.

Because of its resistance to weather, butternut is often used for various purposes outside the home such as park benches, patio chairs, and also for barbeque tables. 

So, if you are looking for furniture that will be placed outside your home, butternut wood is the type of wood that is most suitable for you to try.

Processing butternut is very easy. You just need to make sure the wood is in good condition by looking at the fibers. 

If the wood fibers are clear, it means the butternut is good and can be used for processing. 

However, if the wood fibers appear blurry, then you should not use this wood for outdoor furniture but only for indoor. This is because the blurry fibers indicate butternut’s ability to ward off mold and extreme weather is no longer good.

4. Pine Wood

Who doesn’t know Pine Wood? Yes, this wood is the most common type for use in various aspects of the interior. Why is this wood so popular? Some of the things that make Pine Wood so popular are the following.


Yes, Pinewood is very durable when compared to other types of wood. Pinewood never gets damaged except in a very long time and reaches the centuries. 

Another thing that makes pine wood used so often as an interior material is that it is a sturdy type of wood even though its weight is not heavy.

Easy to process

Another thing that makes woodworking workers like pine wood is because this type of wood is very easy to process. Yes, this wood does not require many steps in the process, but only needs to keep the wood clean during the woodworking process.

You also don’t need to keep this wood wet or dry, as it can be worked in any condition. This is what makes pinewood favored by woodworkers.

Easy to Paint

Pinewood does have a natural color that is less attractive. Therefore, many woodworkers repaint pine wood. 

The purpose of this repainting is to cover the original pine wood color which is pale and does not shine as natural wood. However, pine wood absorbs paint very well. This allows woodworkers to paint quickly and easily.

The use of pine wood at home is for interior and exterior furniture products. Yes, pinewood has no special use because it can be used anywhere. 

The wood fibers are not easily damaged and mold is not easy to touch. This is also one of the reasons why people like pine wood.

5. Walnut wood

Walnut is a lightweight, sturdy wood that can be used in outdoor areas. Walnuts will be found in outdoor furniture such as park benches and other furniture which are usually located on the terrace or patio. 

This is because walnuts have good resistance to weather conditions in all seasons. Walnut is also preferred because it has a good color character. 

You can get a gorgeous dark brown color from walnut wood without any treatment. However, of course, to get a brighter color, you can coat it with a varnish of a suitable color.

6. Cedarwood

Cedar is a wood with characteristics that are light and soft. Yes, cedarwood is less durable than other types of wood. 

Therefore, cedarwood is more often used as a material for making decorations. When using the cedar as a decoration, then you do not have to worry about whether it is sturdy or not as there is basically no weight placed on it.

Cedar is also used as an ornamental material because of its youthful processing. You can cultivate cedar very easily without the need for a lot of equipment. Apart from that, it is also easy to carve.

The natural color of cedarwood is light brown. Therefore, cedarwood is not good if it is not repainted. 

However, light brown color is gaining popularity these days because of the soft effect it gives. Therefore, many woodworkers nowadays only varnish it and don’t use a coat of paint anymore.

7. Ashwood

Ashwood, as the name implies, has quite a unique color character, namely pale grayish brown. So, this wood is unique and is often used to add a natural, natural impression.

The character of ash wood is not resistant to mold. So, woodworkers rarely place this wood to be used as wood for outdoor furniture. 

For indoor too, you have to cover it with varnish or lacquer so that the result is not easily damaged. However, the advantage of ash wood is that it is cheap and the wood is easy to get. 

The weight is also light so it doesn’t make it difficult during the manufacturing process. Examples of furniture that are often made from ashwood are coffee tables, stools, etc.

How To Choose Different Types Of Wood And Their Best Uses

1. Consider weight

Heavy wood is indeed more durable and impact-resistant, such as Rosewood and pine. However, heavy wood will also complicate the woodworking process. So, for those of you who just want to start woodworking, choose light wood like maple.

2. Durability

If you are at the intermediate woodworking level, then the weight of the wood is not a problem. So choose the wood that is durable and not easily damaged.

3. Outdoor or Indoor?

If you choose wood for use as outdoor furniture, then make sure you choose the wood that is resistant to rain, sun, and humidity and changes in extreme weather conditions. Oak is a type of wood suitable for outdoor use.

However, if you choose indoor, then use wood that has soft base colors such as cherry and pine.

4. Maintenance

Some types of wood require extra care compared to other types. For example, pinewood is easier for mushrooms to catch. 

Therefore, pine needs regular cleaning and drying. Pay attention to the time you have to do maintenance so that your wood is not damaged. 

If you don’t have time, then choose the wood that doesn’t need maintenance, such as durable beech. That’s how you choose different types of wood and their best uses in accordance with your need.