White Rectangular Dining Table

White Rectangular Dining Table

You are looking for a dining table to complement the furniture in the kitchen. The selection of a dining table with easy laying locations always uses a rectangular shape. 

If you want to choose a neutral color, then you can try buying a white rectangular dining table. There are lots of materials you can choose from in white. You can choose it below.

White beautiful resin epoxy dining table

One of the dining table materials that many consumers are looking for is made of epoxy resin. This material has more ECO-friendly properties because we do not damage the environment, such as cutting down trees. 

All the epoxy resins we use are also of sufficient quality, so they have long wear resistance. 

This white food table made of epoxy resin can match many styles of furniture that are already in your kitchen. This dining table will make the room more beautiful.

White rectangular dining table made from solid wood

The second type of dining table that we also sell has solid wood material. We only use selected wood, so it is more resistant to weather and termite attacks. 

This dining table style is quite classic and can be suitable for all kinds of your kitchen style. 

There are several chic silhouettes on the legs of the table which make the design more attractive. This table is also suitable for you to use as a rustic genre decoration.

White rectangular dining table made from metal

For those of you who want to make a dinner party or have an outdoor grill, you can wear a table made of metal. The metal we use is equipped with a special anti-corrosion coating based on nanoparticles. 

This table is perfect for various kitchen styles and outdoor dining places in your home. This table is also more sun-resistant when you place it in an environment with a high intensity of sun exposure than a solid wood table.